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Acoustic-Technologies is amazing

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Hello everyone, I've been a lurker on head-fi forums for a while now, and this is my first post. With this thread being my introduction, I would like to proudly say that I am pleased to meet you all.
Moving onto the subject: I want to purchase the Carot one Fabriziolo amplifier from this website, http://www.acoustic-tech.com/carot-one/fabriziolo-headphone-amplifier/
and I was wondering if anybody here has any experience or knowledge on the website since I've never heard of them before, and don't want to get scammed for 300 dollars.
Any help, comment, or input is greatly appreciated.
Hello head-fi community, I am sorry to reuse the same thread, but I would just like to write a follow up update to my own problems.
I have had an eye on the Carot One Fabriziolo ever since I laid them on it. I don't have the money or time to visit Japan to purchase them as a college student, since Carot One is a Japanese-based, Italian manufactured company and their distributions are mostly domestic. I came across the item for a relatively low price (275 CAD) on www.acoustic-tech.com, compared to the one for 499 USD on eBay, which I find is a blatant rip-off. I browsed through their website for a few days, seemingly empty and not very well constructed, which then lead to me to start this thread on head-fi in the first place.
After I couldn't hold it in my desires anymore, I sent a message questioning their website validity and product's legitimacy, to their support e-mail on their Contact page. Within the same day I got a reply from a very professional representative, assuring me that they have been around since 1999, and deals with numerous suppliers such as Marantz, Audioquest,Totem Acoustic, NAD, and many more. Their website's store also supported PayPal, which further eliminated my sense of worry. I immediately placed an order the next day for the Fabriziolo, using PayPal with my mastercard, and to my surprise they shipped it on the same day as well, and using Canada Post Expedited Parcel, instead of the Regular Parcel service which I paid for. The tracking number was sent both to my contact e-mail and on PayPal transactions. The next day I received the Fabriziolo, in its original packaging with all original accessories, and some brochures and business cards of Acoustic Tech. It turns out that I have been uselessly worrying too much, and that they are just a great company hidden in the shadows of Quebec, Canada.
If anybody on Head-Fi is interested in the Carot One tube amplifiers, but cannot go to Japan or do not wish to purchase from outside of North America shipped, please take a look here, they ship to Canada and the continental US. Canadian buyers pay 5% GST, which is not a big deal.
All in all, I really enjoyed this transaction, as it went so smooth and greatly exceeded my expectations. www.acoustic-tech.com is safe to buy from, and they are operated by friendly, professional employees. I will write a full review on the Carot One Fabriziolo, after a couple of weeks of usage.

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Thanks for the thread. So, are you happy with this unit? Any hum, or other issues ?
I already have a Musical Paradise MP-301MK3 at my office, but its quite bulky. I just want something smaller with the same audio qualities... There's the Aune T1, but what about this Fabriziolo ?
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Hello Sniper1


I recommend to stick with your Musical Paradise MP-301MK3... but then there is the WooAudio WA7, which I have my eyes on right now, as I prefer a smaller set up, to satisfy my requiring the most out of my desk space. Fabriziolo has hiss and is pretty much a rebranding of the Muse T-20. If you would please take some time to read my follow up review to the Fabriziolo. Thanks!

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