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HD600 in the form of an IEM with very good isolation

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Oops, I just noticed I posted in the full-size section. My post was;

Hello, I've been using the HD600 for a couple of months now and they're by far the best headphones I've ever experienced for any use, so I've decided to take them in to the studio, however since they're open and lack any isolation, they weren't really viable for the large noisy environment I work in -particularly all computer noise- I've been doing tons of research, but haven't been able to find information on anything similar with isolation in the full-size department, so I decided to possibly look into IEMs. Any suggestions?

My favorite headphones;
Sennheiser HD600
AKG K701 / K702 / Q701

Headphones I really dislike;
Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro

I run the headphones through a firewire interface, I tried several tube amps, however I prefer the natural sound which also translates extremely well to my studio monitor speakers.

Note, I'm not after the custom headphones / IEMs yet, it should be easily replaceable.

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Try Etymotic ER-4S or ER-4P. ER-4S is the more neutral and accurate of the two, but the difference between those two is only impedance; you can turn ER-4P to ER-4S with a simple 75-ohm adapter, but you can't turn ER-4S into ER-4P.


They're very isolating too, especially with the tri-flange tips. You might find them slightly bass-light though.


But if my hazy memory of how HD600 sounds is correct, then ER-4S should be close enough.

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Thank you for clarifying the Etymotic models. I was actually just looking at them and noticed many different ER-4 models. The most suitable store I found them on name them "Etymotic ASS ER-4 MicroPro" but the specifications and images match exactly the ER-4S which was a bit confusing wink.gif There are also "Etymotic ASS ER-4PT" which are a bit cheaper and apparently come with a handly airline adapter. I'll think about both smily_headphones1.gif

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you could try the shure line. 425 or 535. more mid centric earphones. Seems like what you like. Smooth highs and decent bass :)

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It's no hd600 but the sound signature of the tdk ba200 comes closes for me. The soundstage is noticeably smaller and its less airy and less refine but it works well in public transport and as an added bonus its cheap. As an iem it is superb but don't expect full size standards. The etymotics are no go if you are looking for hd600 signature. Its midrange lack that hint of warmth the hd600 has.

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Westone 4: neutral, slightly rolled off treble. Very good.
Earsonics SM3: warm, slightly rolled off treble. Growly sub bass. Very good.
Earsonics SM64: Neutral/bright. Awesome soundstage & detail. Excellent.

You will be thrilled with any of the above.
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Thank you for the additional suggestions. Searching deeper into them, the constant reputable mentions of sound accuracy, detailed upper-mid and highs, and graph analysis the sound I imagine them to be seem to suit my preference, so I have ER-4S at the top of my list, but I'm a little worried about the comfort. The light bass really is not a concern as I do not work with bass-heavy music and I always mix the sub end of a recording using actual sub speakers and monitors, however I'm certain raw low cello recordings aren't going to lose their acoustic growl due to this... are they?

Earsonics SM64 seem solid as well, however I couldn't find a detailed review let alone find them available anywhere to ship. I think because they're new?

The Shure 535 seem to emphasize bass over highs in which I like to call 'fake bass' which has me a bit concerned. I've worked very well with headphones that were extremely light on bass before but more bass than treble usually leaves me with a muddy experience.

Also, I knew this was going to happen when I registered here but an IEM with a sound signature coming close to HD600 has kind of come out of question, and I'm already considering purchasing a several different IEMs at the same time. biggrin.gif

Edit: Before I forget, I also wanted to ask about the P to S conversion cable for the ER-4. Do they accurately convert the ER-4P to the ER-4S? Are there any notable differences?

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Yeah, it takes a while to get used to the very deep fit of ER-4; but they say once you get the perfect fit, it's as comfy as any IEM. Personally I couldn't get that perfect fit due to the shape and size of my ears canals. I'm you're that worried about fit, you might want to look into FitEar F111; it has that ER-4 sound signature with improved sub-bass output and none of the deep fit issues. It's rather pricey and hard to come by. FitEar can't keep up with the demands for it lol.


There's not many review on SM64 as of now precisely because it's new.


The difference between ER-4S and P is only impedance; So adding 75 ohms of impedance via conversion cable/adaptor will accurately turn ER-4P into ER-4S.

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FitEar F111 are hard to come by indeed. Wow! They seem perfect though. For the sake of information, how's the isolation in comparison to the ER-4?

As for ER-4S/P feels weird to increase the impedance through the cable adaptor then decrease again once driven through a headphone amp hehe.

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Originally Posted by Manofwood View Post

FitEar F111 are hard to come by indeed. Wow! They seem perfect though. For the sake of information, how's the isolation in comparison to the ER-4?

Well since F111 doesn't fit as deeply into your ear canals, I'd say it's not as extremely isolating as ER-4. Of course tip selection matters too; with F111 I generally get good isolation with Sennheiser dual flange tips.

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The SM64 ships direct from Earsonics. It is a remarkable headphone but it's treble more resembles the k701 than the HD 600.

I am still waiting for the F111 to arrive, so I cannot comment on those.
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The "Shure sound" i.e. the coloured mids prevents it being like the HD600, not that I have come across anything like the HD600 sound in IEM form...

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Look at the Ortofon eq7. The isolation isn't the best but they have similar sound to hd600.
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A friend off-forum suggested that he has heard great things of j-phonic K2 SP which are also Japan-only. All the good stuff appear to be in Japan only smily_headphones1.gif I need to visit one day! smily_headphones1.gif

I just ordered the ER-4S, which should arrive by Thursday, however if I remember correctly my last ear check I can slightly recall the doctor saying I have weird canals too! I have this tad bit feeling that it's going to be an off fit. Fingers crossed. I'll report back.

Thank you for all the help. smily_headphones1.gif
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The Grado GR10 and Sony EX1000 are closest match to the HD600 in term of soundsignature and both offers very detailed mids, highs and good punchy bass with great imaging.

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