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Seenheiser HD 600 + Omega HT Halo XT - NO BASS

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Something is very, very wrong here, and I can only assume I am overlooking something blatantly obvious.

As the title suggests, I have a Sennheiser 600 HD headphone set, and just installed my new Halo XT sound card, as well as the utility programs to go with it.


The problem? Even after activating "FlexBass" and setting the EQ mode to "Bass", there is next to zero bass. Everything sounds incredibly tinny and lifeless. While the Bass EQ setting helps, it also muddies the sound to unacceptable levels.


I am not insane here, I know what these headphones are capable of, as I also own a Creative X-Fi Titanium, and they are capable of insane bass that nearly causes my head to bounce, right now I would say I am getting ~10% of that bass with this new sound card, ** despite being in high impedence mode **.


Help please, what am I not getting about this??

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You sure you didn't hook up the headphones to the "Front L/R" minijack output? Because if you did it would apply a crossover to send the bass frequencies to the sub.



And I'm not sure if those bass settings work for headphone or 2ch modes; there's a chance they only work through the sub output, like with the DTS and other sub settings on HT receivers.

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Sorry, I wasn't clear enough in my original post - my fault.

What I am looking for is a patently basic bass/treble control in software. Typically I would have access to these on the speakers themselves, but my headphones obviously do not have them. I have spent an hour looking at every nook and cranny in the driver software, as well as Windows 8 itself, and they are nowhere to be found.


Not only does Creative offer basic bass/treble "knobs", they also offer a bass boost which is great.


I am shocked that a 200$ sound card with an integrated headphone amp lack this feature, which is why I can't help but think I am missing something incredibly obvious.

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I haven't really used soundcards apart from the mbaord's ever since they started integrating that, and even gaming HTPC I'm using will just dish out digital audio from the graphics card into an HT receiver, but there really is a chance it doesn't have a simple software control like that. Most likely because Omega might assume users would probably be using more manual EQ adjustments on their media players, or analog bass and treble adjustments on active speakers.

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Well it sounds it is underpowered, so get rid of the sound card.

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My HD600's got great bass even out of a Behringer UCA-202 20$ dac.. The Omega HT must suck then.

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It is more likely incorrect usage or some software problem.

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I have to agree, it sounds like user error to me, as the HT Omega Halo XT is probably the best Soundcard in existence.
He has an issue with where he's either plugging in the headphones, what speaker set up he has selected within windows and the HT software or a bit of both. I don't think he even listened to the first repliers suggestion, this shows he doesn't know what he is doing.

Not realizing if the card is set up for a 5.1 or 7.1 surround set up and he plugs something into the front left/right output, that it will take the bass out of that output and put all the bass to the sub out channel. Nothing touches the HT Halo as far as PCI sound cards for consumers (Not DAW Interfaces). I'm an A/V producer, if that tells you anything.

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