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Need Help With IEMs

Poll Results: Best IEMs

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    TDK BA200
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    Yamaha EPH 100
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    Phonak Audeo Perfect Bass
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Hey peeps!

I am looking to buy a pair of in-ear headphones. I received the Shure SE 215 in the mail, but even though I love the sound, the right earphone completely broke, with no sound coming out of it. I am getting a full refund and am having a bit of trouble of choosing one. I want a warm and bassy IEM, but with good detail and good instrument separation. I will not be using an amp, as these are mainly for portable use (straight out my my iPhone). These are the ones that are at the top of my list so far:



Hifiman RE-Zero 

Brainwavz M3 

Phiaton PS20 

Spider Realvoice 

Phonak Audeo Perfect Bass 

VSonic GR06 

Thinksound MS01 

Etymotic HF5 

Creative Aurvana 3 


I can spend up to $100-$110. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!




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any help would be great smily_headphones1.gif bump!
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I already looked at that, but I want to see your opinions on these IEMs.
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If you like the sound from those shures you may want to scrap re zero and possibly the hf5 because they are very analytical in signature... bass light with less warmth. if you can squeeze 20 more dollars i think the tdk ba200 would suit you, or the yamaha eph100. or play it safe and just get another pair of the shures.
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Originally Posted by LazBro123 View Post

I already looked at that, but I want to see your opinions on these IEMs.

As much as I'd like to help, I don't own any of those. I'm using Shure SE425.

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Get another SE215 or SE215LTD. Maybe you got one with defective cable connection. I've owned mine since its release, not a single problem have occured. Still working perfectly.


If you're not keen on the idea of getting another SE215, do yourself a favor and stretch your budget a bit to get Yamaha EPH-100. For me that's the epitome of "bassy", "warm" IEM with good soundstage and separation. Phonak is usually a solid choice too.


As for the IEMs on your list, I'm pretty sure all HiFiMan and Etymotic IEMs are not what I would call "bassy" or "warm". No idea about other IEMs on that list though.

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Okay guys, thanks for all the help! I am own down to three: Phonak Audeo Perfect Bass, Yamaha EPH 100 and the TDK BA200. Which is the best for me?


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New poll is up between the three!

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ok guys, after reading countless threads, im going with the Yamaha EPH 100. Thanks a lot guys for the help! Ill buy them next week.

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