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For Sale:
Time to thin the cable herd....BJC's, Mogami, make me an offer

Will Ship To: US

Blue Jeans Subwoofer/digital cable, Belden 1505F terminated with Canare RCAP's, 30 ft nominal (black with violet boots, $48 if new)......$30 including USPS Shipping.


Next, a pair of DIY cables built to route the signal from a USB audio interface with balanced/unbalanced TRS outputs to RCA inputs on an unbalanced power amp. Mogami Neglex 2534, Neutrik NP2X-B 1/4" TS's, Canare F10 RCA's. The "clear" conductor pair is soldered to the tip/signal, the blue conductor pair to the ground, and the bare copper shield is terminated on the ground side only of the RCA's (not connected to the sleeve on the TS's.) Asking $30 including USPS First Class or Priority Shipping. [Less than the cost for the 40 ft of 2534 that's in those cables!]


As always...thanks for looking!!! If you'd like more detailed pics, please PM.

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