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Top 3 IEMs under $100 ? - Page 2

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Greenhouse GH-ERC-DMS .. the best for $100 .. provided you prefer a treble accentuated signature, it serves most of the genres above very well..


all the best

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Yes sorry I meant 06
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Originally Posted by pastortommy View Post

Yes sorry I meant 06
If he's going for 06, he'd be better served with 02BE
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Originally Posted by Belabor View Post


Thanks for confirming my feelings, I've ordered them! I'm curious to hear how they compare to my broken M11+, and I hope they will last me at least a year (or two). I've heard a number of bad stories about the cable and the connectors, but I'm just going to have to gamble it.

Looking forward to your review of these, as I am very interested in ordering them as well.



I have only read about 30 pages of JVC HA-FXZ 100/200 thread and I ended up ordering 200. Though these are more than twice of my initial budget of $100 but from all the reviews I read, I think I will be happy with these. 


Thank you for all the suggestions.

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