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For Sale: FS: Mint Yulong D100

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
FS: Mint Yulong D100

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Kinda sorry to see this go to be honest, but I've just made a pretty substancial audio purchase (for my wallet atleast) so this needs to go to recover it. I'm from Norway so take shipping into concideration and also add 3% if you want to pay with paypal.

Any questions are happily answered by PM.


This is the MK I version


I don't know about other headphones too much (haven't done research on that) but it goes gloriously with my Denon D5000's (which is are also up for sale by the way wink_face.gif)


I am the second owner of this amp, the first owner was perfect-pitch


I check head-fi several times daily so comunication shoulnd't be a problem, I'm looking to do business as swift and conveniently as possible smile.gif

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Wanted: $1 (USD)
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Price Drop!

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price drop again!

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And another...

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Come on guys, tell me this isn't priced to sell...

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Is this still available? 

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