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Hi guys, EDIT: Didn't realize this is my first post! Long time lurker :)


My biggest thing would be not losing sound quality due too many connections.

At gamestop they told me I cannot connect my PC headset to the computer, after a few quick google searches I saw it is possible.

The thing is there is several possibilities, so I wanted to see what would be the 'best' setup. (Highest audio fidelity + ease of use)

Here is what I have to work with:

Seinnheiser PC360 Headset



Emotiva USP-1 Stereo Pre-Amp


Was considering just wiring it through the controller, but then there will be wires going all across the room. I am not sure if the Xbox controller is powerful enough to drive the heaphones, so I am considering the pre-amp might do the trick.

I would be using a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter

I also have looked into: Astro Mixamp Pro,
or the
DSS sound processor by Turtle Beach.

Creative Recon3d
Any input from someone using a PC headset? I get a little lost when it comes to using the HDMI-out adapter, or the RCA's or the Headset jack from the controller...

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