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Sound Quality- 

The Dual-Dynamic Micro-Drivers produce a mid-centric, smooth, warm, musical relaxing and un-fatiguing sound-signature. I found that these sound a lot better with a deep fit and with the silicon-tips installed; you get a better clarity, more detailed sound, larger soundstage, etc.


Now, we'll move on to a more detailed description of every one of the sound's parts:




Midrange- like the BA200, also the IE800's best possession is the vocals-reproduction. That happened due to a superb midrange tuning by TDK on both models....


Great review!

IE800 is one of my favorite, great IEM from TDK!

Switching from vSonic GR07BE to TDK IE800, and the thin vocal now has better more realistic body :)  Vocal on IE800 is just better than GR07BE.  Clarity is about the same on both, but midrange is much better on IE800, more body and more natural. But I don't perceive IE800 as mid-centric, more as natural sounding with good clarity.

I also prefer silicon tip for IE800.


As questioned somewhere, about comparison of IE800 and Yamaha EPH-100, I happen to have both of them.  For my sonic preference, I prefer the clarity of IE800.  EPH-100 although sounds nice, natural-dark, with smooth, warm, and thick midrange, is a bit too dark and lacking in clarity for my taste.