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https://thirdearaudio.bandcamp.com/album/third-ear-audio - Minimal-esque Chillout-ish Electronica

https://kurbeats.bandcamp.com/album/folktronica - In their own words: "Folktronica is the mutant child of Scandinavian Folk music and Electronica".

https://interchill.bandcamp.com/album/love-songs-to-the-source - A beautifully produced electronic album featuring a few singers, and a bit of live instruments (Namely brass)

https://ultimae.bandcamp.com/album/leylines - A bona fide chillout album with the one track that is not.

https://ultimae.bandcamp.com/album/human - Chillout again. Slightly more upbeat.

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I'm liking Bandcamp too, this year I've bought:


Tartufi - These Factory Days (tags: rock, indie rock, noise, noise pop, rock) and I already have Nests Of Waves And Wire on CD


Three Ulver albums (tags: classical, alternative, electronic, rock, psychedelic, soundtrack)


and a recommendation from the Metal thread - Vangough - Beyond The Madness (tags: metal, progressive rock, rock, acoustic, atmospheric, dark, dramatic, hard rock, heavy metal, metal, progressive metal, thoughtful, vintage).  Got the t-shirt wrapped up for Christmas too!

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Very interesting group from Poland ;)

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Originally Posted by Vrogdish View Post


Very interesting group from Poland wink.gif

I was just looking at this thread this morning wondering why it died off. I think we should revive it. After stumbling g across BandCamp for he first time last night, I ended us download 12 albums for free and bought a couple for a dollar or two each. That site is pretty nifty...
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Hundreds of great songs! All are name your price and are available in lossless formats.
One of my favorite musicians ever, The Polish Ambassador.

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