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Bandcamp promotion thread

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For those who don't know, Bandcamp is an online (and legal) music download service where indie bands can easily promote and sell their work. Prices are set by the bands themselves; most of the time, they ask for a bare minimum (e.g. $7 for an album), but customers may pay more, if they so desire. Sometimes, there's no minimum at all, and it's up to the customer to decide what's a fair price. In any case, the band gets paid directly, and they get 85% of the price (if they have totalled less than $5,000), or 90% (once they've totalled over $5,000).

All tracks can be previewed from their website, in their entirety. Formats available for download are MP3 (320 or V0), FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, AAC and ALAC. They're all priced the same, there is no markup for lossless downloads. You can even download several formats.

I really like this model for legally buying music while supporting the artists directly. I think it would be nice to promote Bandcamp bands in this thread by listing our latest purchase. Please list the artist's name, the title of the album or EP, the year of release, genre if you can, and a direct link to the album's webpage.

I'll start:

The Flashbulb - Hardscrabble (2012) (Electronic)
Sabrepulse - First Crush EP (2011) (Electronic)
PrototypeRaptor - Nostalgiarithm (2013) (Electronic)
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Identity Sequence

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Another cool thing is that a lot of artists have recommendations on other music, with descriptions of why they like it and such.


Most recent thing I bought was "Zorya" by Floex. I was blown away by it, it may be the best album I've ever heard.


Link: http://store.floex.cz/album/zorya

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I really like Bandcamp. I haven't bought many albums on it though, due to not having much money.


My most recent purchase was:


Ochre - National Ignition (2013) (Electronic)

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Originally Posted by Rossinator View Post

I really like Bandcamp. I haven't bought many albums on it though, due to not having much money.


My most recent purchase was:


Ochre - National Ignition (2013) (Electronic)

That was my second to most recent, another great album. Also where I got the recommendation for Floex from.

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I've been diggin' this one which is free or name your price:





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Spooky dark ambient and industrial

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Bandcamp, a really great standalone modern ''tool'' to get to know and support (new) artists and music.



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Update: ^ not my thing after all but I'll leave it unedited for you to check out.

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Hello Please share and listen!!  


The link for Wynd Music's bandcamp is:



https://soundcloud.com/wyndmusic has plenty of free downloads also!

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My newest bandcamp find:

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I love Bandcamp. One of the best things that has happened in the music industry in my opinion, both for the fans and artists alike. I would find it pointless to start listing all of my Bandcamp finds here as they are in the vicinity of a hundred at the moment. Instead I'll just drop the link to my Bandcamp fan profile here so those interested can take a look at my collection. A lot of the albums and EPs there are name-your-price releases so there's quite a lot of free music to be discovered as well.


Link to my collection: https://bandcamp.com/Tuukka

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A friend of mine and I use it to distribute our jam recordings... it's a great service!

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