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After Start DX100 takes a very long time to play

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After switching the DX100 on, some media search/analysis happens. According to iBasso this is finished when a title appears in the standard player. This takes very long, about 40 minutes. I have filled the internal mem about 80% with music, the 64 GB SD-card the same. Is this normal or can I speed this up?

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Android 2.3 does not have fstrim enabled. This is available only from Android 4.3 onwards. There is an fstrim utility in the google play store but it requires that you root the DX100.


The following explanation of fstrim behavior is courtesy of the Nexus 7.2013 review posted on Anandtech.com (http://www.anandtech.com/show/7231/the-nexus-7-2013-review/4).


"The biggest issue? Performance when operating in a full or near-full state. With tons of files on your internal storage, the data structures that have to track all of those files and where they're located in NAND space get pretty complex, and traversing those structures takes a considerable amount of time. The part that many seem to forget is that once you delete a file in Android, it's not immediately removed from internal storage. The space is freed up in the OS, but the eMMC controller still tracks all of the data as valid bits. It's only when that data is overwritten that the controller knows the previous data didn't matter.

In other words, it's possible to have tons of free space on your internal storage, but have the drive appear full to the eMMC controller (and thus enjoy all of the terrible performance that goes along with it). To make matters worse, you never even have to fill your drive to get it into this state. In order to maintain even wear across all NAND cells (to extend the lifespan of the NAND flash), the eMMC controller will write to new/empty blocks in NAND as much as possible. Let's say you have 10GB of storage and Android writes 1GB of data to new addresses every month and deletes the previous 1GB each time. As long as the addresses being written to never overlap, your drive will be full in 10 months (from the eMMC controller's perspective) but Android will still report 9GB of free space.


Fstrim establishes communication between the OS and the eMMC controller to address this problem - and it's enabled in Android 4.3."


I wrote to iBasso asking if an update to the OS will be coming. Their response:



Thank you for your email.
We don't have plan to update the DX100's OS.
iBasso Audio"
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