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Like most other orthodynamic (planar magnetic) drivers the T50RP drivers are no slouch and respond very well to mods.
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I have the best mod yet.

Buy a pair of beats

Crush them up

Throw them into the rubbish bin

Buy a pair of Audeze LCD3's

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Haha no just herd those yesterday along with a few others and actually think the Sennheiser 800 is better to my ears smily_headphones1.gif
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Actually, it's been a backburner idea of mine to transplant some ortho drivers into a Beats, and possibly replace the noise canceling circuit with a small amp.

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Maybe also consider closed versus open design.
I herd the Mad Dogs yesterday and they sound amazing.
Spoke to owner such a nice guy in person.
These drivers have sound right up there with the big guys.
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So Ive got a question for OP.


I have a pair of V-Moda LP2s which I have grown away from, mainly because they sound terrible with everything except dubstep, which I have stopped listening to for the most part. 


What I wanna know is, woulf you be able to perform this mod to a pair of LP2s, with T50RP drivers? And if so how much would you charge me for the process?

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I've sent you a pm smily_headphones1.gif

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Hey guys giving an update on this V-modex smily_headphones1.gif.

My headphone rack has swelled considerably recently...

and so the difficult decision had to be made,
to sell this one of a kind V-modex up for new owner so will post up on for sale threads later today..(!).
It will be interesting on reading impressions from another.
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I spy a W1000x and I think an ESW9, a Beyer DT... 990 or T90?

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haha yes wow your good!
A T90 also a Audio Technica w1000x , WS 99 Esw9 & es700 ha I like the Technica l signature smily_headphones1.gif
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I find the Audio Technicas interesting. I've owned or heard the A700/900, AD700/900, ES7, ESW9, and M50. Probably my favourite of the bunch would be the ESW9. 


I've never heard a Beyer that I liked, and I've gone through a lot of them... DT770/880/990 in several impedances each, T70 and T70p, T50p, DT1350, and the DT250. If I had to pick one amoung them, it would either be the DT250 or DT880. 

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Yes none of the beyers, absolutely none except this T90 do I like.
I listened to them all at NY meet.
The most unimpressive was the t50p I only listened to, and the dt1350 I owned.
I had high hopes wich came crashing down as they were clinically lifeless. Yes I am being hard as they are quality cans but my expectations were too high.
The esw9 exceeded those same expectations and my go to can but I am afraid of scratching the wood cups..

The v-modex is very luxurious feel and the sound is way up there in sweet details but I conceed they do need a portable amp to sound their best.
My phone was driving them well at near max vol (one notch below),
But battery life suffered so I did not end up using them as intendid.
Have to get a small headphone amp as my O2 is not small enough ..
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Well it is an ortho after all. They like to have a bit of extra juice behind them, though the Fostex kin don't require a ton like the Hifimans or Audezes. The V-Modex seems to be a bit more sensitive than the regular modded T50rp (from my impressions at least, though I find the big T50rp isolates better so that skews the impressions). 

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Hey guys, just thought I'd post my own V-Modexs up here that Armaegis recently sent back to me. They sound fantastic, and well balanced, with only a slight v shaped curve. Great work all around. As you can see I did happen to also do a velour pad mod, and though it reduces bass response a little (which was easily compensated for through an equalizer), the added comfort level is awesome. (Props to Rudeboybass for the velour pad instructions)


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Where did you get the velour pads?

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