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Aye, the M100 is pretty much same size as LP/LP2 if I remember well. Possibly a bit less cup depth. Not sure about the interior though, since its still a different headphone + has headphone jacks in both cups. I wanted to ask Val if he'd be willing to sell a few shells but I don't think that would be very likely.


The COP would be nice as well... >< reaaally nice...

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I've tried asking for shells from V-Moda before, but never got a response. I actually asked Val once if they would consider developing an ortho, but he said they are focusing on their own patented drivers for the time being. 


The M100 is thinner than the LP? That would make a transplant tricky. I've had to shave out a lot with just the LP shell so far.

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Looking forward to the end result! Nice job

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First post updated. Everything is now assembled and sounding good L3000.gif



So what should I call this? Fostex T50rp + V-Moda Crossfade LP... Crosstex? Fosfade? Crossfade T50?

edit: the V-Motex? the V-Modex? the V-T50?

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gogogo COP shell and congratulations!

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Quick comparison vs the Fostex T50rp BMF DBV#3 mod...


BMF - flatter bass and extends deeper, midrange flat but little wobbles across it, treble rides up and down like usual

V-Modex - higher sensitivity (easier to amp), less bass but more rumble, slight dip in middle of midrange but rest of it is flatter overall, treble does not wobble as much and seems to shelf


Soundstage is very different between them. V-Modex feels like it has more air and sounds more akin to the HE-6, while the BMF feels sorta muted in comparison. On the other hand, the V-Modex has a sort of concert hall feel to it, so there's that bit of reverb somewhere. Not quite as neutral, but more "fun" sounding. 


edit: there's something in the treble with the V-Modex; I think it's a decay ridge. Noticeable when heavy and rapid strings are playing (like during Vivaldi's Four Seasons)

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Crosstex V50RP

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V-Modex 50rp  ( or V-Mod for short people love shortening crap  and it sounds high performance )


Incredible job, and such tight tolerances it was meant to be i think.

  • So nothing directly held to the driver rear then in the way of damping ? 
  • How much venting compared to stock t50 shell?
  • Space differences roughly inside? eg:1/2 ,1/3, 1/4 or less ?



I got sidetracked by awesomeness need to go look again

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The tolerances are so tight, before I went nuts with the dremel I literally could have skipped the glue step and just held the drivers in by pressure alone. 


Nothing directly on the driver rear. Just some acoustic foam at the cup rear and twaron in between.


The T50rp has four slots with thin felt covering. The Crossfade has 3 V-slot with thin felt covering. The T50rp has a tiny (1mm?) baffle vent. The Crossfade has a big square hole. I covered the square and poked a hole in it. 


Space inside? I made a very rough guess of about 100mL for the cup, and I think the driver eats up... maybe a quarter or third of it? Everything's a funny angle, so it's hard to even estimate.

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So I was looking at the tape I have sealing the cups and thinking of ways to seal them up more permanently. Weather stripping on the baffle perhaps. Then on a lark I just pull the tape off and give it a listen... well waddaya know, there's a smidge more bass now. 

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beerchug.gif Love the random discoveries. Capitalize on the "mistakes" like a good artist would do.

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Well the Crossfade only has 3 cup vents as opposed to the Fostex's 4. So maybe the improper seal gives it that equivalent 4th vent?

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Awesome work Armaegis. I have been wanting to have a play with the T50rp for a while and never got round to it but it looks like you have raised the modding bar quite high with this one. ;)  I should hopefully be getting my hands on some beyerdynamic T1 drivers in the next couple of weeks and am going to try to jam them in some Custom One or DT770M earcups with some damping to see how they perform in a closed cup as I am on a mission to create the bugatti veyron of DJ headphones.

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Wow, thanks. That's high praise coming from a guy like yourself! I'm actually really digging the way these things sound right now and don't feel too inclined to open them up much further. I think I got them sounding pretty good on the "audiophile" end, but not so much for a DJ.


I really want to try putting an ortho driver in a Beyer COP, but have been unable to secure a shell. I'd be very curious to see how a T1 driver fares. Aren't those drivers kinda on the massive side?

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There is a lot more space inside the COP than the crossfade so it would not be a problem and the variable bass port would make tuning them easier.I can't promise anything but Beyer in germany should be sending me some spare bits for the Custom Ones as they want us to help them make a limited edition version - if I manage to blag any extra earcups and bits I may be able to send you them when we have finished the project. I have not actually seen the T1 drivers in the flesh yet but I am hoping they will fit the DT770 cups without too much modding.

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