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For Sale: FS - CKKIII

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For Sale:

Will Ship To: US

Here is my rather unsightly CKKIII. Its not the prettiest amp Ive ever seen but it was built around 2008 and still works flawlessly. The volume knob has been lost to the sands of time but I know thats an easy fix. The amp was built from a kit sourced by Jeff Rossel at Glassjar Audio, and for the price Im selling it youll be hard pressed to find a better sounding amp for the price; think these put around 1.4 W into 32 ohms so its got plenty of power for low impedance cans. The holes on top are just for decoration, but the LED inside decided to stop working so theyre mostly there for show at this point. Just take this thing off my hands! Price includes shipping and paypal fees to the continentaul US.
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