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The meet was a success!! And pics will be up soon. So yes An Ohio meet can be had and it is possible to have one with only 3 weeks of advance. again pics soon....

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It was a good time; thanks again to Jason for hosting. Thanks also to Ken for giving me a ride.


It was a pretty interesting experience, we walked in as they were doing blind cable testing. Everyone could tell the difference but 5/7 picked out the more expensive one from the cheaper one. Relative prices were $50 vs $100 interconnects. It was a nice look into cable-fi. After trying my v3's out of a headstage arrow and some other portable amp I don't remember the name of I don't think I'll be getting the c5 until funds are overflowing from my coffers. Tried the stax sr303, hd650s, some other things as well. Shame the person with the LCD-3's couldn't come. STAX sounded pretty... reminded me a little of my friends LCD-2's unamped.

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Head to the impressions threads for the pics peoples

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I'll have lots of pics up tomorrow. Don't feel like Photoshopping right now, gotta prepare for my sound engineering tomorrow.

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What a day!!! Props to all! Nice to see such a wide range. Jason those m4's.... Damn son!! Awesome peeps, headphones, atmosphere, great time. The roads blew on the way back north!!! OMG!! Shawn, I loved those stax. Def needed some more head time, next time. Finn thanks for tempting me to revisit Grado and I want some 600's!!!!! Great experience.
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2 days late I find this......

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Dont worry if you missed this one there will be one in about 2-3 months time, Hoping for me people to show up with even more gear.

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Monitoring for future dates

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New meet thread is up go put some input in the thread ;)

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