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Sony xba-3ip? $250 to spend

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First time poster on this amazing forum. Having searched through the threads on the sony xba series thought i would post my own question.


I have about AUS$250 to spend (pretty much $US250) as part of a Christmas present.  I have previously owned the sennheiser cx-300's which i completely loved for the price however a) they just died and b) i really want an inline remote as part of the package.  


I just bought the Klipsch S4i (II) and was so thoroughly disappointed. Everything lacked clarity and the bass managed to be both muddy and non existent. Completely different sound to the sennheisers so maybe i just couldnt get used to that change.


I use the headphones a lot but also need them to fit well and be comfortable as sometimes i take them running.


Would love to get an opinion on whether the sony xba-3ip would be a good fit for me! Also have seen some different prices online, are there any fakes about for this series?





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The SQ of the XBA3 is much better than the Klipsch's... But there's probably much better iems for 250$. If you can get the xba3s for roughly 150$ (or 170 for the mic version), then its worth it. Otherwise you're better off with something else. 


I use a pair of XBA3s, and as much as I like them, they aren't worth the 280$ I paid for them. Sure, they'd have been a great buy for 150, maybe even 200.


Also, if you want an iem for running, you'd be better off with something that is supposed to be worn around the ear. Like the GR07 that the other poster "Seekky" recommended above. From my experience, xba3s don't give the best fit in the world. YMMV.


But there's nothing from my limited iem experience that I'd recommend to you. I can say that the xba3ip isn't the most bang for buck deal at 250$. 


It'd help if you would tell your genre preferences.


Hope I could be of help. 

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Thanks guys!


I feel like i can get one for about $180US online. Should i be wary of fakes?


My music genre is predominantly alternative/rock/indie (things like radiohead, jack white, stones/beatles, neil young etc.)


I did love the sennheiser cx 300s which made me wonder if there is a sennheiser model thats a step above in price that is recommended.


thanks again. can't believe how poor the klipcsh's were for $150.



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The Sennheiser IE8/80, Denon C300, FXZ200 are amazing for the price and they are lot better than CX300(it offers warm engaging soundsignature) in term of sounquality and more punchy bass. The other IEMs like UE TF10Pro, GR07 are highly recommended too becuse they offers great clarity, tight punchy bass and overall engaging (GR07 warm) soundsignature.

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I too have the xba-3ip and while i enjoy them I think you can probably find better for $250 (mine were $135).  Not sure what to suggest though if you would like an in-line remote.  What type of music do you listen to?  There is also the etymotic hf3. 

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thanks all!

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I've got the XBA-3iP's, but I bought them for ~$120US, which I think is a great price for their quality level.  I agree with the other folks that I don't think they are worth twice that.  $180 is right between, and very marginal.  You might want to look for better prices.  I don't think there are fakes out there (it isn't that popular) but there are close-outs, since I believe Sony has a newer lineup out now.


As far as using them while running, I also agree with Quick Brown Fox that the fit is not great for that kind of activity with the stock tips -- they are not deep insertion IEMs like my Etymotic MC-5s -- but they do stay in better (and feel more comfortable) with comply foam tips (another $15 or so for 3 pair). 


As far as sound quality, they are much better than the Ety MC-5s.  Note that I am primarily a can guy, not an IEM'er (I use IEMs as ear protection/entertainment while doing yard work), and my preferred cans are Audeze LCD-3s, so that gives you an idea of what type of sound signature I like.  I think the XBA-3s have a nice sound balance, but I'm not a treble head.  If you are, you might want to look elsewhere.


One final thing to look into is the impedance match issue with the Sonys.  They sound pretty good out of my clip zip, but apparently not so good out of some other sources.  Keep that in mind when looking at options, because if you have a mismatch with the Sonys you might not be too happy.

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If you are talking clarity .. for $250 dollars the hifiman re-272 might be the best bet.. but bass might be another game altogether .. 

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