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Headphones Hiphop

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Hello all,


I am looking for heaphones for basic mixing purposes as well as normal listening pleasure. It will mainly be for Hiphop (and R&B).

My budget is around 100-150 dollars.

I have an Yamaha R300 at home where I would like to plug it in, would this be possible without it affecting the headphones?

So far I've read good things about the DT 770 Pro and DT 990 Pro, but perhapse there are better options for me to consider here.


Hope to hear your thoughts!

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AKG K167

Beyer DT770 LE 32ohm

Ultrasone HFI 580

M-Audio Q40


Very best,

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Thank you for your reply.


The AKG K167 are above my budget (240 euro here).

The DT 770 LE are also above, nearing 200.  The DT 770 PRO's are 145 euro here.
Ultrasone HFI 580 are 140 so would be a good option.

M-Audio Q40 are 155.


How do they last two compare to the 770 Pro's ? Comfort plays a role too, as I'd like to be able to wear them for several hours.

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I would look into the V-MODA M-80.
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I honestly believe the Beyerdynamic DT-770 (80ohm) sound great for hip hop.

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Great! And plugging it in to the (old) Yamaha R300 I have should be no problem ?

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Do they NEED to be amped? Or is hooking it up to the Yamaha R300 stereo reciever also good ?

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AKG K167.

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