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Well I think Nico deserve one more then Hamilton deserve two. But hopefully Mercedes feel they are so superior they can be truly equal with their drivers and thus whoever get it deserve it fully. Though I believe Hamilton got something in his contract that convinced him to go to Mercedes.


Vettel has done a superb job he deserve his titles. Can´t see anyone that wouldn´t deserve it you can´t blame button for having that brawn car in his year either lol

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lol Vettel!


how dare a caterham unlap me how dare he!

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"Tough luck", then he got passed.

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Originally Posted by wuwhere View Post

"Tough luck", then he got passed.


That was cool though wish Mark Webber done the same.


Must be frustrating for him but I can see the transition must be hardest because he is used to a car that is super glued to the road whereas all the others are used to having crappy chassi and have to compromise more with their driving.

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The MBs are fast Alonso was over 5 seconds ahead of Nico, by the end of the race, Nico was 5.6 seconds ahead of Alonso.

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I'm consistently impressed by Alonso.  More than anyone else out there lately.

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Personally I am more impressed by Rosberg than Alonso, I honestly thought Rosberg would not be able to catch up to the front row when he had that utterly bad start, but I guess I was wrong as the car turns out to be much quicker than I thought...

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Originally Posted by 62ohm View Post

but I guess I was wrong as the car turns out to be much quicker than I thought...

Right, and for Alonso to be up there like he was, again, is impressive to me.


He's not had the fastest wheels lately but still gets it up there.


Imagine him in the fastest car...

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Vettel's really not happy with the way this is going, is he? My favorite moment of the race:


Vettel: What tyres is he on?

Engineer: Primes - but he stopped three laps after you.

Vettel: Tough luck.





Originally Posted by 62ohm View Post

Personally I am more impressed by Rosberg than Alonso, I honestly thought Rosberg would not be able to catch up to the front row when he had that utterly bad start, but I guess I was wrong as the car turns out to be much quicker than I thought...


I would have been very disappointed in Rosberg if he hadn't. With a car that's at least a second a lap quicker than anything else in the dry, he should (and did) have been able to get easily past the whole lot of them, and personally I think he should have been able to do it sooner. He's showing the same lack of aggression that really cost him in Bahrain, and if he keeps it up his championship lead is going to start counting up in the negatives very quickly.


Personally, how I feel about the drivers this year so far:


Rosberg: I said earlier he hasn't convinced me he can beat Hamilton in a straight race, and he's starting to convince me he can't unless Hamilton makes a mistake.

Hamilton: This is his championship to lose. His car advantage eliminates the only drivers at or potentially above his ability level, and he currently has the measure of his teammate.

Alonso: My driver of the year so far. Not only beating his teammate extremely soundly, but consistently (except Bahrain) finishing ahead of cars we know are faster on pure pace.

Hulkenberg: The runner-up for the above, but I just don't think he's doing as well as Alonso. Not making any mistakes, but just not standing out enough either.

Vettel: Really needs to improve, and quickly. If Ricciardo keeps beating him fair and square it's not going to do the last four years any favors in retrospect.

Ricciardo: Very impressive so far; I was expecting him to lose to Vettel by a larger margin than he's beating him, so he's definitely surprised me. We'll see once Vettel gets to grips with the car, though.

Bottas: I honestly don't see all the Bottas hype. He's good, but he hasn't convinced me he's a future champion yet. Maybe he will.

Button: Button is still beating Magnussen handily, but right now the McLaren doesn't look good enough to do much more than that. I'm hoping it improves soon, or I'm back to hoping for next year for McLaren.

Magnussen: I think everyone got a little carried away after Melbourne, but he's still doing well to keep close to Button. I was hoping he'd keep a bit cleaner, though...

Perez: Right now it still looks like Bahrain was a fluke - Hulkenberg seems to have him well in hand, exactly as I expected.

Massa: Still inconsistent, just like before. But I think he's driving a bit better than he was during his later Ferrari years. Further from Bottas in the races than I expected, but this one doesn't really count.

Raikkonen: I was nervous of Raikkonen vs. Alonso as a RAI fan, but I expected a bit better than this. I just hope he gets to grips with the car and starts to get a lot closer. Soon.

Vergne: Never did look spectacular, although at one point I thought he was better than Ricciardo in the races. I doubt he'll last long, though. He needs to beat Kvyat a lot more consistently than he is.

Kvyat: Looking good, but isn't really shining yet. Still showing good potential.

Grosjean: If the Lotus would ever let him finish a solid race, he might be able to do something...

Sutil: Sutil has never been more than a consistently mediocre driver, and he still is.

Guitierrez: Guitierrez has never impressed me, and he doesn't show any signs of starting now.

Chilton: Very consistent, and at the moment that consistency is putting him ahead of Bianchi, but their relative qualifying is back to form and I expect Bianchi to place ahead of him from now on.

Kobayashi: It's hard to tell, but currently the best of the back-pack; of course, it's hard to tell how much is him and how much is the Caterham, considering the company he has for now.

Maldanado: I think his time in F1 is done.

Ericsson: Has utterly failed to impress me so far. His record in lower series wasn't good, but some people insisted there was more to him. Well, if there is let's see it soon.

Bianchi: Has gotten really erratic lately, but is still a fast driver. Now he needs fast and consistent, especially if he can hope to be part of the Hulkenberg/Bianchi 2016 lineup I have in mind.

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I agree, off the start from 5th he got to third and finished 3rd. I believe the RB cars are a little faster than the Ferrari's. Alonso is 3rd in points with a slower car.

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Just due to Vettel blocking Riccardo though. And alonsos f1 was really fast in practise 1, 2 & 3. I don't know why people is surprised that a team with the budget of Ferrari is able to develop the car.

Though it appears that kimi is inheriting the inconsistency of massa. I believe this is just the sign of Ferrari inability to support two cars equally.
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I also think Alonso is overdue for a championship. If Ferrari doesn't do something soon he will leave.

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Mercedes has sealed the championship even though it's too early to call.  :D

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Hamilton is about matched with Rosberg on a race with no technical problems for either of them, that's good for racing. Rosberg has the advantage now but he needs to step it up as Hamilton has been giving it to him lately.


Vettel is a fair team mate. I don't even care if he let Ricciardo through when they told him he was on a different strategy, that was the right attitude. Same tires, same strategy, tough luck! Now if he could be a bit faster. :)


Ricciardo is doing a great job so far, I'm watching the RedBull duels with more pleasure than the Mercedes fight. That's what Vettel needed all along, a good team mate.


Raikkonen has had a string of bad luck recenty mainly with Magnussen and his poor qualifying performance is hurting him more than ever compared to Alonso. He needs to work on his qualifying if he's going to bring it to Alonso.


Alonso is the usual pompous, lizard mouth champion. You have to respect him though.


Magnussen seems to try and take out Raikkonen as soon as he sees him. :) I think all that hoopla with his podium went to his head.


Button is a good driver, McLaren is a storm in a teacup again. :) I like how sincere he is about his performance, no lip service and fake team spirit there. I think this is his last McLaren year.


Massa is as likeable as always and as inconsistent as always. Luckily he has a mediocre team mate in Bottas.


Hulkenberg is the poor man's Alonso without the attitude (or is it the other way around?). I'm not sure. :)


Other than Kobayashi which I've always liked because he fights like a bulldog (great move to un-lap himself from Vettel this race), the rest of them are fillers.

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That seemed like a quick race. Not much in the way of surprises for me, wish it had rained, that always makes things interesting. I felt so bad for Massa with that pit stop from hell.
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