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I can find no con about it. The rule helps with overtaking and side by side racing or you can just block every attempt just like Max did here and you get the old usual static overtake in pit stop racing from the old days.


But subtle enough to not get the referees on him. 


I would be more hesitant to do side by side racing if the car ahead is at any point allowed to block me and do numerous line changes even when on brakes.


I don´t think Nico looked more beat then Hamiltion or Ricciardo. Hungary is a tough physical race. For sure as a Merc driver how can you be fully satisfied unless you win. If he went on celebrating like second was a victory then I would agree he look broken. But he just lost the race to T1 nothing more then that.


I love that the camera men ignored that booring battle for most part. I guess they will start complaining about that again or was it Red Bull that last time complained about to little tv coverage for being to dominant? 

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Originally Posted by oqvist View Post

Good race. To bad Max didn´t get a penalty for his changing lines in the braking zones though.
Was boring , its so hard to overtake here, also no rain or red car.
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Red cars tend to find battles with red bull cars so they entertain.

One thing though did button get the penalty for the advice he got a hydraulic failure and should not switch gear? Was it enough hitting about hydraulic failade. If so since you cant advice if you have a problem and must go to pins just ban radio and do it like the old days with pit board. That way drivers with good strategic sense get an edge there will be more tactical misstakes /faster cars behind slower and less Vettel moaning about blue flags.
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Yes. The brake pedal went to the floor and obviously that is something that the FIA in their infinite wisdom determined that the driver should be able to fix himself. Bring back the riding mechanic for 2017 and lets go retro:)


 You can really tell that Buttons patience with the whole enterprise is wearing thin.  I would not shock me in the least to see him going GT racing next year.


I wonder if the radio ban is just that. Can you hang out a pit board that says "SW1 to POS2" or something? Maybe a little lotech is in order here:)


To be fair a much calmer Vettel apologized for his constant case of the "Blues" during the race. Ferrari getting more downtrodden by the race.  What still baffles me is that no one apart from Hobbs and Matchet saw the emerging Red Bulls at the beginning of the season. From the Renault whipping miserable performance of last season to shouldering aside the SCUD for podiums is a fairly significant improvement. One that has eluded the genii at Sky all season long. Theres a story there that we will never get to hear. Too bad.


 A week until Germany. I wonder if Ham can keep the motor together until the break? Wonder who will be on the pit wall at the SCUD. Wonder if Dead Bull can make a win out of it?

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Sorry for mobile typing :p


I guess there might be radio messages that wasn´t broadcasted. But pitboard would work. Teamorders like multi 21 we get each and other race I think it got allowed again? As a driver you do realize if there is something wrong  with the car. In simracing I am not aided by much in term of electronics but for sure it´s more straight forward there. They don´t simulate random failures that get okay again. In Assetto Corsa they released the SF15 with some 17 extra buttons to map and it´s likely not even a third from being a complete button simulation.


It´s as simple if you get a problem and loose time there you have to figure out if it´s needed to pit or if you can gamble stay out loose less time compared to pitting. 


Sky sports tend to be wrong a lot of times. Red Bull have the best engineers possible matched by Mercedes but that is more better engine engineers I believe. And Renault usually don´t suck all that much so what is the surprise?

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Button himself bemoaned the fact that the power plants are no so sophisticated it is impossible for the driver to be able to diagnose failures on the fly. There is simply too much technology at hand. Really when you think how many engineers worked to put it together it seems almost ludicrous to put the ownus of diagnostic and work around on one persons shoulders. That person being the guy who is ratlling along at 200 mph at the time.:)


 I know Sky with the possible exception of de resta now, favours their pet teams and drivers but their whole story was the progress made by the SCUD in the early season. It was not until the Bull started showing up on the podium that they finally clued in.  Now they seem obsessed with the "Red Bull Rake" as some kind of devious engineering coup responsible for their success.


 I sincerely miss Coulthard and crew's more perceptive analysis and ability to get info directly from the teams.

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