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For drivers championship they should have some races with same (may be like GP2) cars which use the same chassis, engine and tyre so that true driver ability is reflected.

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I know this sounds insane but i wish F1 would go back to the time where there were manual gearboxes, turbocharged engines and no electronic gizmos. 


So, do i keep dreaming ? :D

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Originally Posted by customcoco View Post

1 : The fact that he chose to let Vettel pass is, if anything, a proof of intelligence. It's modern F1, drivers are allowed by the safety of their cars and of the tracks to cut some corners and yet still be able to race.

Do we want to see corner cutting at every start ? Of course not, but the way he got out of his own mess seemed pretty elegant to me.


2: I never said that he was better than Hamilton, just that he could make poles if his car allowed him to. But then, that could be said of any other driver (apart, obviously, from Maldonado and Chilton)

    Again, it's modern F1. Those guys are running flat out pretty much all the damn time, finding 3 tenths is a miracle to them.


3: So far Kimi didn't show that. Is he an exceptional driver ? Certainly, but these days he's been mostly out of the game. His good results last year came from the car, you can't really argue otherwise.


It saddens me to say this, but to me he looks like a flame in need of oxygen. Never fully extinct yet never fully lit either.


"They had the entire French state pumping in money at that time."


      Would you mind telling me where you got that from ? I'm not trying to argue, I just wasn't following F1 closely at the time.

Yes that is what I meant. He is intelligent as in he know exactly how much he can stretch the rules. He wasn´t talented enough to pass riccardio and Vettel fair and square so he found another way ;) I think he should got a stop and go for not letting riccardio pass also because I am quite sure alonso knew he was never going to make the corner. 


We are not talking gentlemanna racers here :p

Weak by the referees to fall for that :(


Toyota came in after Renault I can´t say for sure which of these spent the most bucks.


Can´t quite find the link of the documentary it´s buried somewhere in an 6 year old thread or something but it was quite an interesting read. Before that we also had Hitlers Silver arrows that TOTALLY dominated :)

Not trying to get into politics here :p


Wonder how much Red Bull invested compared to Toyota and Renault. Probably a bit less because Newey is a genius and they don´t make their own engines of course :)

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