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Originally Posted by MuZo2 View Post

Cars looked much simpler, now a days front wings itself are so complex.much effort is put in aerodynamic design these days.

And often they seem to go just as fast with half the wing vanes missing :bigsmile_face: 

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But handling and downforce will surely be affected with wing plates missing.

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But not always lap times - at least not always negatively (or should that be positively, since we are are talking lap times?).
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Tyre wear would probably be affected by damaged front wing though..

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Certainly Lewis's tire wore extremely quickly when Nico's front wing was damaged in Spa. tongue.gif
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Lewis' tyres always seem to wore off quickly, probably it's his driving? He's too aggressive, and frequently locked off under braking.

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FIA clarifies radio clampdown for F1 teams

"Italy's Autosprint said information about the operation and function of energy-recovery is not allowed, as is notifications about tyre temperature, clutch settings and brake wear - among many other instructions outlined in a detailed document. Additionally, any messages that appear encoded are not allowed. It means that only basic radio messages are now permitted, including time gaps, positions, traffic and verbal encouragements such as "push".

Discussions about the selection of tyre compounds and wing adjustments, and the type of tyres used by competitors, are permitted, as are notifications of technical problems and race strategies. Teams may also remind drivers to be aware of hazards, including the white line when rejoining from a pitstop and the limitations of the track.

And the ban will be in effect throughout not only the Grand Prix but also qualifying and practice sessions, Autosprint added." - Motorsportdotcom
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Don't see any mention of Driver Whining in there. That needs to be banned.

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I don't care about driver whining, what I don't want to hear is drivers being told how to drive. That's going away, so this is a positive for me (although not without its bad side).

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Keep in mind, the driver's can say whatever they want - so we might still hear some of what is going on inside the cockpits (well, except maybe Kimi's). And that includes whining. biggrin.gif

"You have to leave a space! All the time you have to leave a space!"
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