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Originally Posted by Hutnicks View Post

When I hear nonesense about cost savings in a sport that pays pilots in the 10's of millions of dollars per year, I just have to laugh.

Especially since drivers aren't even at the top of top teams' expenses...

It's just like the new hybrid engines to make the sport greener, when 11 teams have to travel tens of thousands of miles to race in countries that, usually, don't give a damn about f1 but happen to be rich enough to build a track in the desert (another "green" touch).

Will the technology downgrade to average cars ? Yes, and that's for the best, but don't try to force me into thinking that mother nature's protection had anything to do with it in the first place.
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Image is everything - in F1 and everything else these days. The idea of saving a few hundred litres of racing car fuel per race is laughable. But green is popular so...

The truth is in the last 30 years the best machine has always won in F1 (88-91 Macca, 92-96 Williams, 2000-2005 Ferrari, 2010-2013 RB). But some years you still get a good challenge for the title. People complain that it should be about drivers, not the machine. Fair enough. So we get two good drivers in identical machines dueling it out, race after race, and people still complain - because their favourite team isn't involved in the fight for first.

The engine homologation should be looser in the first year of a new formula, for sure. But Ferrari and Renault should have done a better job, for sure. Renault couldn't even complete a dozen laps in pre-season testing without bursting into flames. They have had two years to develop the motor.

Can't wait to see what Honda pulls out of the bag.
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And here we go again :


Amongst the most interesting news are :

standing restarts and something rather interesting :

" - New regulations to ensure that the brake discs rotate at the same speed as the wheels."

Please excuse me if I'm saying something absolutely dumb but, how could it be otherwise ? Floating discs mounted on a freewheel ? What would the point be ?
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I think it was to head off teams trying to implement geared hubs on the brakes to make them rotate faster for aerodynamic and thermodynamic benefits.But I could be totally wrong on that.

The ever decreasing engine number restrictions are daft.

Kind of funny -

"After winning on Red Bull’s home soil last weekend, Mercedes released an advertising hoarding with the slogan: "

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Interesting about the brake rotors.  If the geared hub theory is right, that's pretty cool (no pun).  A one way bearing can easily make that happen.  As long as they don't have to stop when going backwards (like after a spin or wreck), because then they have no brakes.

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Edit: to the above thought.  Maybe you don't need to worry about the difference in speeds between the rotor and then just deal with slowing down a faster spinning rotor.  Pretty cool stuff.  The vanes in the rotor would suck in and blow out more air.  Any idea who thought of that?  Or what team?

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I would assume team Newey ;)

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I was thinking Merc based on their recent rear brake issues.

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2015 standing restarts - yikes! That sounds expensive.

Anyone wearing pink on race day?
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Why pink?

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Jenson is running with a pink helmet in remembrance of his dad and asking others to wear pink to show support and raise money for the Henry Surtees Foundation.

Expect a lot of pink this weekend on Silverstone's 50th Anniversary.
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What a Q1 guys :beyersmile:

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Q3 was not bad either :)

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wtf kimi?..

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The tv production didn´t even manage to find what caused his incident. Looks like he was being pushed wide.


That it can take 1 hour to rebuild an armco...

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