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ATH-SJ33 vs ATH-SJ55

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Hello HeadFi community!

I'm a noob and just joined (but have been creeping on the boards & site for a few months now for advice & whatnot). 


My current conundrum is concerning affordable, quality, portable headphones. I take public transport every day to/from work & am currently using Sennheiser CX215 (IEM) to help me escape the monotony of the ride. I've almost always been an ear-bud listener since they first came out, but I've been wanting to return to true headphones for a while now. Also, I live in MN, it's currently Winter & I want my ears to stay warm while I listen to music.

Last Christmas, I asked for & received a pair of Sony MDR-VX600s...and, man. I just can't listen to these things. Even though they're closed-back, I'd rather not have to turn up the volume to hear different instruments & sounds more distinctly - which is currently the case. There's something about them that sounds congested & cloudy. Or dull. I listen to music that can give me goosebumps (think movie scores & classical), but when I listen on these buggers, I don't feel inspired. I feel like I'm still searching & waiting for that swell.

So, I've done a bit more research, given my specifications (affordable, quality, portable) and keep coming across ATH-SJ's. Initially, I thought...SJ11 - but everything keeps telling me to either start at SJ33's or upgrade to the SJ55s.


So now I ask you, HeadFi community, which might suit me better. I'm fickle with money, but they are both in my price range. The music I listen to is classical/soundtracks, alternative rock, some pop & Disney music (yeah, I'm that girl). Would one model be a better fit than the other? I'm not much of a country/hiphop/rap person, and don't really go near electronica (or dubstep). I don't think I have super-audiophile ears, but tinny highs really piss me off.

Thanks! Sorry for the novel :P


- Leah

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Go for the SJ55s; but if you're going for portability the SJ11s would work great for you

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