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Originally Posted by Operakid View Post

Is it possible to buy low bias stators for my Sigma non-pro bias?  I would like to be able to continue using the energizer as it works with my hi-fi amps and lets me make the Sigmas sound the way I want by using the appropriate amp.    

Not any new ones - there haven't been any low bias drivers manufactured for 30 years.

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Ouch, I guess if my low bias stators die I can't use my energizer any more.  I wonder how the Woo Wee is.

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You can always convert your energizer to Pro bias with Spritzer's bias boards.

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Wow, thank you.  That is great news.


How do I find out more information?  Does he have a website? 


Thanks again. 

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Just message him in this forum.

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Thanks again!

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I have a set of low bias Sigma drivers left over from when YAMAS redid a  low bias set of mine as a 404.  I have been hanging onto them for many years.  Now is about as good a time as any to let them go.  PM me with an offer if you want them


I have Sigma low, pro and 404 and still regard the low as worth having just for comparison.


You could as John suggests upgrade to a pro, 202/303/404 etc, or find an old Lambda low,-------------- or buy mine.  PM me if interested.

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