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Hello everyone, long time reader, first time poster. Here's my situation, I'm married with kids, this means that I never get to sit and listen when I want, I'm sure some others can relate! I currently feed my Oppo BD, Project turntable and Control4 digital music source into my Denon AVR2809, and use the fixed Zone 2 out feeding my Sennheiser Wireless Headphones. This works a treat and allows me to listen without upsetting anyone else. I will continue to use this setup for convenience but will be losing my sennheiser wireless headphones and feeding that zone 2 feed to a new option: My question is some feedback needed on my choice. My headphone amp budget is $150-$180 and budget for cans is $250-$280, after reading the little dot reviews I believe the 1+ amp is the way to go in my budget, and I have narrowed the headphone choice to AKG K601 and the sennheiser HD558. Just wondering what everyone's choice would be to hang off the Little dot 1+, my main listening preferences are blues, hard rock and 80,s. Thanks in advance.