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Best earbuds for overall sound including bass for around 50?

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If you really want earbuds (and not IEMs) you should probably consider the Yuin PK2 ($80).

If you want IEMs, you need to change your title as you'll get a lot more suggestions.

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Check Blox out, get the AnV3 while it lasts there amazing, sound as good as IEMs so much more expensive 

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I'd like to have earbuds.  I currently have Skullcandy Titans and sent of Sennheiser CX 215s.  I need it to stay in my ear while im working out.  I'm about to deploy so I also want them to last.  I can go higher than 50 just nothing outragous.

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Get the Blox but you'll have to treat ten with loads of care so they last. Get a nice case.

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I will second the Yuin recommendation:  either the PK3 or the slightly more expensive PK2. In my opinion, and those to whom I've loaned them for a trial, these earbuds have remarkably good sound for the price. I use the PK3s (with the foam "doughnut") during walks/runs and have no issues with them staying in my ears.


As for cases for my Etys and Yuins, I use a cleaned out Altoids mints tin...uber cheap and durable.



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