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Originally Posted by DutchGFX View Post

LOL link that one please biggrin.gif, how does it sound?

Yep they are 13$ http://www.ioffer.com/i/hot-top-logo-brand-mini-mb-dr-dre-hd-solo-headphones-533622360
But it looks like its smaller version, lol.

Edit: these might be the right size http://www.ioffer.com/i/%CE%BC%C3%B2%C3%B1s%CF%84%C3%A8r-%CE%B2%C3%AB%C3%A3ts-%CE%B2y-dr-dre-s%C3%B2l%C3%B2-headphones-531282326
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I've had those. They used to sell them on deal extreme for the same price. They are smaller that the originals and have a wire coming out of both drivers. The SQ wasn't offensive. They sounded like $13 headphones.
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Originally Posted by McNuggetsPie View Post

How can you guys actually wear beats outside....

This ^^ I would not wear them based on principle since Dre and Iovine have basically gotten away with highway robbery, overpricing these headphones and claiming they sound exceptional, "like you are in the studio with the artist" BS. I know these are fakes but if you wear them outside, you are still promoting a company that doesn't deserve it instead of promoting a company like Koss (KSC-75 anyone? - Sounds exponentially better and competes with $100+ cans easily). There's also the Panasonic RP-HTX7 which sounds better, looks great, and actually has great build quality for $30 or less.


Anyway, I understand it's a personal decision but that's my $0.02. Would not promote a company that has raped a lot of people's wallets while blatantly lying about the SQ and giving them horrendous BQ. The prices the fakes are should have been the original prices.

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Originally Posted by ToddTheMetalGod View Post

I agree. Everybody thinks they're beautiful, but to me they look cheap and flashy. I would much rather have a pair of aluminum or wooden headphones with a classy/luxurious design.

The ironic thing is they are priced that high and somehow still look cheap, tacky and vulgar, they are the ugliest headphones ive ever seen.
Originally Posted by DutchGFX View Post

Hey guys, I've read about $12 SOLO HD's that sound decent, and I wanted to pick up a pair. However, I can't seam to find them! If any of you know where I an get these $12/13 SOLo HD it'd be great! Please don't just say eBay. As that is not useful lol, of you say eBay,move me item name or auction ID, thanks!

Why you guys jumping on the bandwagon? I thought you were here for good headphones?

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Yeah, but $13 won't hurt you, will it?

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^^ Just save up 8 more dollars and get some monoprice headphones :P

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What's the point? :p 

These are at least interesting to play or joke around. And you can always sell them easily, lol.

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^^ You got a point there :P would love to con a couple of class A suckers ^_^

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Originally Posted by SmOgER View Post

And you can always sell them easily, lol.


+1. I bought two $20 ones from ioffer and sold them for $80 each biggrin.gif.

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Even at $25 for the "Studios," I STILL can't bring myself to order a pair.

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Just pulled the trigger on them.  One of my nephews (16) comes over regularly and we're constantly "debating" beats vs my HD700, HE-500, and even Bose QC15. Next time he comes over for a visit, I'll pull these out and tell him that I've given up trying to convince him and that he can have what he wants.  It'll be a great moment for him and he'll be super cool at school the next day.  For $25 (for nice red studios), it's well worth it, regardless of how they sound.


im just giggling about it as I sit here listening to my Diana Krall on my 500s...

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This last pair is great only for dance music. The Oscar/Army headphones are better than the Beats copy. They look the same but I think the Army ones have different drivers? I live on an island where they have these to buy in shops. I would buy more but why? If you have three pair then I would guess you own some. 40 pairs gets you HD650s.

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Lol I know this is a late late reply but if any of you want fake beats that look excactly like the original and sound even better than the original, go to a website called eforchina.com and but the studios that cost from 67 to 90 dollars, the only reason som cost more than others is that some come with like cool designes like spiderman and so on. You have to make an account with them but after you make an account, you can send them an email (it can be anyone from eforchina) and then you just purchase a pair. I have them myself and I have to say, they are the best headphones I have ever had (that I paid 80 dollars for). the sounstage is beutiful, not too big, not too small, bass is really deep but can also play the high bass notes really cleanly, mids sound very natural, highs sound very clean and crisp, they don't have that typiical cheap blaring sound that most headphones in this price range have.
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