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Poll Results: Do you use an Equalizer?

  • 38% (53)
  • 33% (47)
  • 28% (39)
    Sometimes, depends on what headphone I'm using.
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Audio engineering is partly a creative process, so every instruments are somehow legitimate.

When you say that a particular eq  sucks, and that it has been used for producing songs, you can be sure that the people involved in the work,

will react badly.

Regarding loudness war, I'm just regretting that some audio engineers are overdoing it.

There are tools now to measure the dynamic range ( search "dynamic range meter"), and it shouldn't be below a value of 6.

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I actually haven't owned a pair of headphones that I DIDN'T EQ.

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I voted this one:


o Sometimes, depends on what headphone I'm using.






But that is not my correct answer.  My correct answer would be:


o Sometimes, depends on the source material.




In other words, with well recorded material, I don't feel the need to EQ any of my headphones.  But sometimes you get a CD that's a little bright, or has a little too much juice in the bottom end, so in those cases, I'll apply some EQ to make it sound better.

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On my higher end gear it's always never. On my portables or laptop I usually have to use EQ and I try to match it closest to the sound of my higher end gear regardless of where all of the sliders end up. That way I know it mimics the sound of what I know is pretty close to flat for my ear.

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On my portable rig I always have a slight treble boost in place; at home never. I've tried messing with EQs with mutliple headphones and always ends up sounding off to me. Like with the AD900s I had trying to boost the bass ended up just making it sound muddy; boosting any frequency with my STAX the EQ sounds like an instrument of it's own. It's hard to describe but the EQ sounds like another layer on top of the sound. Rather than increasing the volume of the bass guitar for instance, it just adds on a layer of one-note muck.

Generally I've found the more resolving your headphones/speakers are the less you want in the signal path. With electrostatcs/high end dynamics even a source selector in the signal path becomes audible.
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