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Creative Aurvana Live - Sony MDR-V6

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Hi guys,

I was just after a couple of quick oppinions.


Part 1.

I have until recently owned a pair of Creative Aurvana Live which I liked very much until my son decided to shut the car door on them.

Before I replaced them like for like I wondered what peoples oppinions were on getting some MDR-V6's instead?

I have read many good reviews about them but didn't know how the two would compare?
They are for use in my ofice at work so portability is not an issue.

Part 2.

From my experience of using my old Creative Aurvana Live and from the many threads I have read on here, there are many mods that are availble to these, the one which is most appealing to me is the re-cableing, now as my technical abilities are close to zero, I was wondering if there is any where online i could send them to be re-cabled, or anyone on these forums who does this sort of thing for payment?

Cheers in advance guys, im missing headphones and suffering serious withdrawal symptons.

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Ha funny, my cat just ate my CAL! cable so we are in the same boat and I am interested in any responses too. As for CAL! vs MDR-V6 I have both and like both for their different strengths but for casual office listening the CAL! are king. The Sonys I found to be too sonically forward for the work environment but that's only my take. CAL! is more comfortable for long at desk sessions as well.
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McPatD, What's the build quality like on the CAL? Is the chassis creaky or make any sound? (My V6 does.)


InnerFidelity review:

[The CAL!] has a slightly flimsy feel due to a bit of creakiness in the bails and delicate design


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