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For Sale: FS: Matrix M-Stage Amplifier

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For Sale:
FS: Matrix M-Stage Amplifier

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi all,

Up for sale is the well-reviews Matrix M-Stage Headphone amplifier, thought by many to be one of the best headphone amps around at the price range. And with specific headphones, I believe in that remark, as they amped my HD800's extremely well, nearly as good as my former WA6SE. However, they're being sold as I am consolidating my entire main dynamic headphone rig in favour of just one electrostatic rig.

They were bought from Springwater Audio, located here in Ontario and should anything go wrong with the amp, you'll have a Canadian supplier to deal with directly, which is of great convenience. They retail for $280 retail here, but I'm selling it here for $180 flat in cash locally in Toronto. I can ship it elsewhere but shipping and paypal fees will be extra (around ~$25 in NA). Local buyers will have priority at all times. The amp is less than a month old, used for about 20 hours, free of any scratches and such.  

Do PM me with your interest. Thanks!

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Just a heads up I have sent payment and also sent you an email to your paypal email address (had an issue with the wrong mailing address). I've hit my 2 PMs per day limit so can't reply that way.

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Got it. Please check your email as well. Thanks.

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