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LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

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Hey guys,


I'll be receiving my Bushmaster this week. I'm currently using a Aune T1 as a DAC + a v200 in my HD800 rig. I'll be posting impressions comparing the Bushmaster to the Aune. For the moment, I'll be using the toslink connection to my onboard Realtek soundcard, as I don't have yet a USB to SPDIF converter. I'm sure it's not the best way to connect it, but I'm searching for a converter.


For those of you who have the Bushmaster connected to you computer, how are you using yours ? Anyone using a Audio-gd DI ? I was looking to buy the v3, as it's pretty decent priced.



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Stan has never recommended using any converter, on the contrary. If you have a digital out just use it.

Please post some impressions later wink_face.gif

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I'd avoid Beresford at all costs, whether it sounds good or not. Look at the history of this company and Stan Beresford. He has spawned fake accounts and gets banned regularly from nearly every major audio forum out there.


There's lots of legitimate audio companies out there who let their product speak for itself without self promotion of hundreds of fake forum accounts.

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I'll be interested to hear your impressions rolleyes.gif


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Ordered a BM today biggrin.gif

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Just got my Beresford + Squeeze S-bboster/psu and I am amazed by how good it drives my AKG K501..The detail and bass are very good, string music, vocals and piano sounds gorgeous..


Truely a wonderful dac./headamp for quality, bass shy headphones


My Grado GS1k sound very good too but I still prefer my Grace M902, cause the midrange lacks less on the Grace..


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I am trying to get into digital audio in my old age but I do not want to spend a fortune right now till I know what I am doing right or wrong. I looked at this Bushmaster and the headphone output is often rated on many forums as very to extremely good. Does it go loud and does it play back micro detail? I like to hear percussion sounds very clearly and the individual strings on a guitar.

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 The AKG 501 needs lots of current, when played rather loud the knob stands 3'oclock, so my guess is it has enough power for most headphones. This is a very good buy in my book, I'm now listening to Glenn Gould's Goldberg variations '81 and it sounds the world..


What headphone(s) will you be using?

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I am still reading up on headphones. The Sony R1 or Denon D7100 are on the shortlist. But the Sennheiser HD700 is also a possibility. I just looked up the headphone current output on that DAC and it says it is 500mA. So that looks a good start.

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Besides the AKG, I read the HD600/650 works very well too

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Stan will be releasing the MKII version of the BM very soon. Basically, he will be throwing in many mods into this new build like the Venom upgrade eek.gif.

Glad to see more people joining the revolution. Keep the feedback coming in!

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Originally Posted by Quinto View Post

Are you really listening to music at that volume knob position?

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Yes, but only with the K501 and Bach cello sonatas/string quartets.. it's not that loud.. My DT660 and GS1k are at 9 o' clock max


I'm a careful person when it comes to my hearing tongue.gif

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You should be. We only get one pair of ears...

On a side note, looking at your headphone and music selection, if you ever have an itch to get one more pair of cans you should think about a pair of DT48 :)

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