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Matrix M-Stage + HD800: Will I be happy?

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Very highly considering upgrading my HD650s to a set of HD800s; however, I'm concerned my M-Stage won't properly power them.


If they will, great. 


If not, I have a budget of ~$500 to spend on a dedicated amplifier.



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The amp will apply ample voltage and current to make the headphones work just fine.  As far as the sound, only you can judge if the coloration is what you're looking for.  Many people love the HD800s paired with Violectric amps or tube amps.

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Would the headphone section in a Peachthree Nova65 be an upgrade from the M-Stage?

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Most likely.  It's got a good DAC and the tube buffer will help with the clinical nature of the HD800.

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I think you would be happy with the m stage and it will definitely power them, that is if you like the HD800 in the first place as they sound completely different from the HD650. 


You could also try build your own Bottle head crack amplifier as they sound good paired with both the HD650 and HD800 and cost less then $500.

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A year-old thread so I'll understand if no-one's listening, but just to say that Sennheiser originally demoed the HD800 with the Lehmann Black Cube. As we all know, the m-Stage is a rip-off a faithful copy of that well-respected amp, so we can at least say that the m-Stage will show off the HD800s in the way that Sennheiser intended. Whether that's the way you would like it to sound only you can say.


(edit On the other hand, this review found the m-Stage to be warm for a SS amp and sonically unlike the Lehmann, so perhaps in fact it'll help to take the edge of the HD800s treble?)


If you're subscribed to this thread, how did you find the pairing of the m-Stage and HD800s? Why am I asking? Well, I run an m-Stage with HD650s right now and am considering the very same upgrade to HD800s :wink_face:





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