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Amp options are now available at the bottom of the page; I'm guessing that those of you who jumped on this before it was there probably need to give Drew a call unless you just want to let us know how they look. smily_headphones1.gif

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Grr... angry_face.gif

I wonder if the discount codes work. I totally didn't see those.

I sent an email. I'm sure they're closed now. I guess by tomorrow, they'll cancel the order and ask to redo the order.
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One thing holding me back is the looks. Reminds me of them Koss Pro4aaa headphones but at $800 that's pretty cheap but here's hoping I grab a Jade instead if it pops up.


Ok so the prices are $500 for the headphones. $300 for the M-10 solid state amp and $900 for the M-20 tube amp. 


=$800/1400 respectively. I'll pass for now I guess until proper impressions come rolling in.

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Sorry, double post. Stupid phone.
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I mean though, is it really that hard to make stats look at least half as good as standard headphones that don't even hit $200? Almost every stat I've seen barely looks like they'd cost $50.

Fortunately, looks arent SUPER important for a home headphone, but some aesthetics/build that fit the sound and price would be nice. I do know it's substance over style, but it's like they don't even try. As far as looks go, the only stat to me that looks the part is the Omega II/007s. The 009 and Orpheus do as well, but I like the curves on the 007 more.
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The Lambda's may look cheaply made but they are made from the sturdiest material available. I mean most of the vintages that pop up on ebay are in fine condition if you neglect wear and tear and they last 30 years plus no problems.


Now on the other hand, the Koss ESP950, they don't fall into this category as they are pretty flimsy but hey backed up by a lifetime warranty is damn good.

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Interestingly, the first thing that drew me to these was how nice they looked. Simple but clean, almost artistically so.
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Looks cheap and plasticy to me, like a toy.  You can even see the seam along the headband.


The earpads look very thin as well, better hope the cups are deep with the drivers pushed back.  Shallow cup openings are a big no-no for me.

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There are a number of questionable features in their design at a cursory glance, including the earpads, visual bowing due to the tension exerted by the headband, lack of suspension and a relatively thin strip of padding, the smallish diameter of the vent on the cup. Then again I'm going by what I've noticed of good-sounding conventional designs and it would be great to have a good-sounding alternative to stax-led design paradigms. Plus it looks like the ear cups telescope out of the headband, so there's an easy opportunity for a different, perhaps more comfortable mounting.


Looking forward to resonance analysis, as well graphs of harmonic distortion and frequency roll-off in the bass frequencies (the bass boost built-in to the amp is not necessarily a promising sign).

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For what it is worth I heard the prototype Drew had in NY and I was very impressed with the sound coming form the solid state amp and it was not the finished product. I think this product will be very successful. I will look forward to hearing more of them when they are released shortly. 

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This is straight from King Sound:



Basically, our electrostatic headphone can work with STAX amplifier for electrostatic headphone (same connector & plus), but the matching will be a concerned (performance). Do not insert to pro bias amplifier, just the normal one.

The bias voltage of our headphone is 460 volts.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Best Regards


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Normal bias? Ceeya.

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Originally Posted by DefQon View Post

Normal bias? Ceeya.
Amps can be made with a 460V output, just like some have been made with a special output for Sennheiser stats and some for Koss stats. You can have more than one output V from the same amp.
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Originally Posted by DefQon View Post

Normal bias? Ceeya.
More volts equals better?
As a nb Stax owner "this is an outrage"?
I'm moving to Europe to enjoy higher voltage?
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No problem adding another bias supply to amps but do we really need another one?  No possible performance benefits from using a lower bias voltage so why on earth aren't they using ca. 600V like the Stax Pro, Koss ESP950 and the Sennheiser HE's?  Regardless I'll get a set to take apart and test soon after release so I can verify just how much voltage the drivers can take.  I'll also compare it against the much cheaper Stax SRS-2170 and the ESP950 for kicks. 


Just saw a pic of the tube amp, 4 tubes can only mean one of two circuits and neither of them are good.  Hello Egmont for 1500$... rolleyes.gif

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