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I have got an diy cryo 7N pure copper today with the hd-25, i bought hd-25 not long before the announce of amperior, i am using d2+ for amp now(i will upgrade amp later) imod5.5(mundorf) and diy copper and sliver mix cable.
First talk about the comfort of those hp
hd 25 = amperior > dt1350
Hd 25 and amperior quite sqeeze my head but the dt1350 more worse(t50p is the worse)
Also those hp is hot when wear in summer
hd 25 and amperior can change earpad so win this round
Dt can not change cable thats one of reason why i sold it. Hd25 must need amp to push but more detail sound, amperior most easy to push don't need amp.dt1350 more easier to push but not the most.
sound signature
Hd 25 and amperior is similar warm sound , dt is clear and sound a bit cold.
Hd25 copper cable > amperior > hd25>dt1350
Hd25 change copper cable bass stronger ,
bigger like'boom' sound. Amperior is strong and bassy too but tighter bass and not better th