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Fun note, when these are warmed up, all the measurements swing by like 8V, so make sure it's been on for an hour or more before you calibrate it!

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did you do your measurements with the lid closed? i registered around 9 volts difference between open and closed. i suggest using a long thin screw driver and adjustment thru the holes in the closed lid.

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Yes, the lid was closed for everything...


The screws on the case were what I was using for ground.

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I have a small problem with my amplifier. Sometimes I can hear power supply noise of 50Hz, in one of the earspeaker. If I touch the metal case, the noise is significantly reduced. I do not feel high voltage when I touch the case.

Also, first time I start the amplifier, I hear couple of clicks, then after a minute or less, the clicks are not there.
Any help is appreciated.

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Hello all


My first post on here, so I'll keep it brief.


I'm helping a friend with some old hifi gear left behind by her husband who died a few years ago. One of the items is a Stax SRM1 Mk2, Professional. There are no headphones with it, so I can't test it. Any advice out there? At the moment I'm not sure whether to keep it, but seeing if it works will be a good start!!


Many thanks



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Question regarding the 2pf capacitors, C101, 102, 201, and 202. I am trying to find replacement parts, but they don't go as low as 2pf. What would be the highest value I could use there? It's much easier to find, let's say, 0.01uf/1000v parts, but that's thousands times of the original value. Thanks.

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