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Hi Everybody. I am looking to buy a flash based player with sound as the primary factor. I do not care about storage space so 4 or less gig is fine. SD slot would be a nice bonus but not needed, physical buttons a big plus, screen can be small and mono chrome for all I care. Native FLAC or WAV a nice bonus.


But here is the kicker, It needs to sound rich, deep and airy. I have a whole collection of some of the best sony vintage PCDP's so in comparison, are there any Sony MP3 players (Or any brand) our there that have the airy sound of a D-25. Very deep bass of a D-33 and the analytical detail of the D-350 with the line out of a D-311? Priced around 100, I do not mind buying used so second hand is fine for a better unit for less.


Cans are Senhesier 497, 555, 600

Music preference is just about anything


Any suggestions would be very helpful.