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Oldest headphones you currently own and use.

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Which are your oldest headphones?  

do you actually use it? how many years it has?

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Late 90s MDR-CD870s which I find are still the nicest to wear. Slightly recessed in the highs but great up-scale potential for what they are. I purchased them new 1998. Cost? 100-200 bucks. Great to sleep in!

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Sony MDR-7506... 10 yrs +, purchased new in 2002. Going strong and sound great.

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It's probably my Stax SR-Lambda. Bought it about a year ago, and the design dates back to 1979. Certainly older than myself...

I also have a Sansui SS-20 lying around, but it doesn't see much use.
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A pair of Sennheiser HD410SL's that was passed down to me; had to change the pads cause the old ones were really brittle. For the longest time I couldn't properly amp them (they're 600ohms) so I didn't understand how half-decent they were until I got a Fiio E9...

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Sony MDR-E818LP. Great set of earbuds had them for around 4 years and still use them quite often.

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Koss A250 from the mid 1990s.  Bought them 5-6 years ago when Koss had a NOS clearance on ebay.

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My best cans are from the 90s.


MB Quart QP805 and CharterOak SP-1 (A custom QP450 PRO)

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Sennheiser  HD650, bought 6 years ago.

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AKG240 Sextett (EP,MP) and a Pioneer monitor 10, not the original buyer(was not born yet). Love both as much as my modern day cans.

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Audio-Technica ATH-7 electret, Sennheiser HD-414 (original buyer on both), and AKG 240 (garage sale find)
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KOSS HV/Pro with about 60000 hours of real playtime from 1998 as a lifetime replacement for the HV/1LC.
The best warranty and quality gift, KOSS could made.

The second oldest headphone A/250 worn out within one year under studio conditions. Pads Replacement after few months of use. About 5000 hours Playtime and defective. Great sounding 250$ crap of pathetic Koss Ingineering.
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My HD580, which was already old when I bought it used 9 years ago.  It's probably closing in on 20 years old.  I did replace the drivers with HD650 drivers though.  The original drivers suffered from soft springs on their cable connections which constantly caused the audio to cut out.  Sennheiser is said to have fixed the spring problem in their later drivers, and my HD650 drivers have been working flawlessly for many years now.  It has been my main headphone until I bought a brand new HD600 a couple weeks ago.


I also still have a Grado SR-60 I bought 10 years ago.  I take it out every now and then, but I always go back to the Sennheisers.


My oldest headphone by far (although not the one I've owned the longest) is the Jecklin Float Model II.  That thing must be from the 80s.  I keep it more as a curiosity than as an actual listening device lol .

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HD-25 over 12 years old, I just love it so much. And it's indestructible.
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I have the HD-265 from about 12 years ago. Great headphone but a bit tired :-) still use it though for playing guitar.

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