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Albuquerque anyone?

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Anyone interested in trying to start a meet in Albuquerque? I'm a student at the University of New Mexico and I see beats all the time. I want to know if there is anyone that actually appreciates headphones somewhere.
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I'm in Carlsbad, and have been on Head-Fi for a long time.  Used to attend meets in Lawrence, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri.  A meet in New Mexico would be cool.

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I'm in Farmington.  I'd be interested if we could gather enough gear to make it worthwhile.

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Yeah. It would be nice if we could plan one but we need more people.
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Down in Raton. Would make the drive up. 

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I'm still watching this post. If we get more people.....
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I'm in los alamos and I have a geek-fi friend in Eldorado; we are interested. 

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I am in Albuquerque if you go ahead with the meet. 


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