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For Sale: Woo Audio WA-5 with all upgrades

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For Sale:
Woo Audio WA-5 with all upgrades

Will Ship To: Anywhere



Up for sale is my Woo Audio  WA-5 headphone amp. It has all the upgrades done including the teflon sockets for the tubes. I was using this amp with my LCD-3's and it sounded sublime. Was certainly a few steps ahead of my older WA22 that I sold when I upgraded to this amp.

I am including only the stock tubes at this price point, but do have upgraded tubes than I will be selling, but can be negotiated with the sale of the amp. I purchased this amp about a year ago on Head-fi from another member. The amp sounds superb and also can drive the K1000's and the Hifiman HE-6's as well as speakers (I have not used them for speakers however).


The amp itself is in very good condition and am including Viablue spikes which I installed on this amp shortly after I purchased the amp.

There are a few minor scuffs on the top of the amp's housings that were caused by the granite slab that I placed on it. These are very minor cosmetic marks that do not affect the performance of the unit in any way. The photos I include show the marks in question. 


Reason for sale is that I purchased the Cavilli Audio Liquid Lightning/SR-009 combo about 7-8 months ago and have not been using the amp much since then.

This amp with all upgrades runs well over $4000 from Woo, so you are getting a very nice Headphone/Speaker amp for the price.



Thanks for looking.

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why the granite rock?

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I found it seemed to deepen the sound out of the amp.

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I guess this has been sold? Am looking for a WA-5 if possible with upgrades.

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