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Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo -R DAC


*NEW* Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo -R DAC for iPhone, iPod and iPad!


Only $499.00 Plus Free Shipping in the U.S.



The all new AlgoRhythm Solo -R is a high-end, portable audio product designed to unlock the high resolution features of the Apple digital music players such as the iPhone, iPod and iPad. The AlgoRhythm Solo -R is the next step in delivering uncompromising audio. The Solo -R has a single USB type A input to pull a digital music signal from your Apple iDevice. The AlgoRhythm Solo -R offers a built in 24/192 DAC for exceptional audio quality. Output a digital SDIF signal to your home Dac or output an Analog audio signal to your portable Headphone amp. Such as the iQube V1 Portable Headphone Amplifier.
AlgoRhythm Series products showcase reference-level digital-to-analog converters, headphone amplifiers, as well as converter products that deliver high-resolution digital audio to other makes and models of audiophile equipment.
Musy have an iPod newer than 2007. iPod Classic 5th gen or older will not work. Apple changed the firmware after that model to enable USB audio.  iPod Touch 3rd gen on, iPhone 3 on, and all iPads can output digital audio.
R is for Revised. This is the latest generation of the original AlgoRhythm Solo. USB audio delivered from Apple devices. The Solo -R is both a Digital to analog converter as well as a USB to SPDIF converter. You not only have the ability to use it as a free standing DAC but you can also use it to convert USB audio from your Apple iDevice and output it via a COAX SPDIF output to your high end audio system.
The Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo -R ® have a multilayer circuit board, a main processor, DAC and other components. It is essentially a small computer. It communicates using Apple’s proprietary iPod Accessory Protocol (iAP) over USB. Authentication of the accessory to the iPod is performed using the Apple authentication coprocessor. Advanced software and the integrated processor control the decryption of the digital audio stream from the Apple device, then pass it to the on-board digital to analog converter for output to the analog output. You may used an external DAC via the SPIDF RCA jack, but your sound quality may degrade by comparison simply because the DAC built into the AlgoRhythm Solo is one of the best available. A headphone amplifier or home stereo amplifier is required. Do not attach headphones directly to the AlgoRhythm Solo’s line level output.
FEATURES of Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo-R DAC:
The AlgoRhythm Solo –R processes the high quality USB audio from Apple devices
Large capacity battery delivers long play time, up to 14 hours and charges Apple devices
Single ended line-level analog output
Digital S/PDIF output
Output optimized for all headphone types, including in-ear monitors and planar phones
USB A input for use with any standard 30 pin to USB A or Lightning to USB A sync cable
Includes 30 pin to USB A sync cable
Works natively with separately available Apple Lightning docking cable for iPhone5 and iPod Touch 7th Generation
Asynchronous USB audio conversion to analog for extremely low jitter
High capacity lithium-polymer battery – isolated AC switching
Volume gain settings optimized for all headphone types
Fast re-charge time about 3.5 hours
High end AKM 24 bit DAC model 4396 
Designed and assembled in the USA

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