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Need Some advice

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Hello all, i hate to post a new thread like this however in the big ol 1500+ page long thread I was getting pretty limited feedback


I am looking for a headphone to pair with my incoming cowon Z2 player. I also use a recently aquired Sansa clip which is rockboxed

and an ipod classic.


My only current over the ear phones are bose (not noise cancelling or anything.)


My listening needs are very broad. I listen to Rock (favorite bands are Metallica, Godsmack, Queensrych, Journey)

I listen to some rap (ice cube, bone thugs 'n harmony, eminem)

a fair amount of classical (full symphony pieces or violin concertos/solos)

one country artist (Carrie Underwood)

Some Classical Crossover (Jackie Evancho, Il Divo)

Broadway Soundtracks (Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables and others)

limited pop (Christina Aguilara, older shakira)

occasionally Mariachi


This is the list of phones that was given to me as feedback


Beyer DT 1350
Audio Technica ATHESW9A
Senn Amperior
Senn momentum
Shure SRH 940


My initial read through of the Beyer reviews made them seem like a clear winner, however further research showed a lot of indecision in their sound, some love them others say they have rather recessed mids, some say that are painful to wear for long periods of time (my ears are slightly bigger than average my bose oe's will not fit all the way around my ear) 


Noise Isolation is desirable however quality is without a doubt the most important factor to me


I will also be purchasing a pair of TDK BA200 IEM's for use while i am running or at the gym.


My sound preferences tend to lean towards the mids and highs, however i have nothing agianst bass so long as it is controlled and clean. 


Any help is appreciated, thanks! im hoping to place my order for both the IEM and whichever full size i get tomorrow


P.S if you have a recommendation that is not on the list please include it!

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Maybe the audio technica out of those you have mentioned? The should be a bit on the brighter side, and they look gorgeous. Not much isolation, though

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As another recommendation, I would add Sony MDR-R1. It's more trebly than the Momentum (which I own), which I think is almost perfectly balanced for any genre, but sometimes needs a tiny bit more crunch and sparkle for rock/metal.

The Sony would do better at this.

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All the sennheiser's headphones you had mention are a lil bassy and might not suit you. Shure SRh-940 are good for you although I never get to try them. I will to secound MDR-1R! Hope this help!


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I'm really liking these! For $30 unless your a treble head, you can't go wrong with these. They come with a lot of tips including double flange a d Comply tips. The case is really nice for the price and can fit a couple sets of IEMs. These sound a lot like the Sony MH1-c. The Sony is the overall winner in sound, with more controlled bass, wider soundstage and better instrument separation, they also seem built better. But the cord on the Sonys is pretty bad. It is very springy, the sitter is put on sideways so their is always going to be a loop in front when wearing these and it sometimes catches on things. On occasion the volume with go up and down randomly. Because of these problems with the cord, I think the R1s and the Sony MH1-c are a tie in in terms of value.
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That was weird, I thought I put that in the R1 review^^^
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Originally Posted by RugbyPlayer View Post


P.S if you have a recommendation that is not on the list please include it!




I'd point you towards:


AudioTechnica A700X

AKG K167


AKG K550

Shure SRH840

Shure SRH940

Sony MDR1R

Mr Speaker Mad Dog


Very best,

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