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For Sale:
BRAND NEW ALO CONTINENTAL V3 for sale (or possible trade)

Will Ship To: Anywhere



I am selling the ALO Continental V3, barely out a month ago. It is like the V2, only better, can be both used with full-sized cans and IEM. I bought it two weeks ago but would rather sell it because it does not fit my usage. Honestly, it is a wonderful sounding amp, the only want I tried that, IN MY OPINION, brought something to the iBasso DX100. It is very detailed, very airy, everything is so well defined without being too analytical.


The price new is 529$, and I sell it as new still in the box so if you buy it from me:


  • You save 29$
  • It already has the 150 hours of burn-in so it will sound great right away (brand new ones have a hiss, mine doesn't)
  • You have the same guarrante (all enclosed)
  • You do not have to worry about customs because I ship it as used electronics with low value


If you want to by a mini to mini cable with it, I have a few:

  1. ALO AUDIO Compact Right angle SXC 22 Mini to Mini (new in box, add 150$)
  2. Qables right angles mini to mini (add 40$)
  3. iBasso CB06 mini-to-mini cable (add 20$)


I am also willing to trade. The items I am most interrested in are:

  1. Tralucent T1 amp (you add cash)
  2. Portaphile 627 amp (more or less same value)
  3. Triad L3 (I add cash if new)
  4. Some top tier IEMs (no headphones, and not just any IEM, mostly Fitear 334 or Tralucent 1plus2, and maybe a couple others)



I will do free shipping but you have to cover the paypal fee (around 25$).

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