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best iem under $100

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i am looking for a pair of iem's for under $100 i would really prefer it if it came with a case or pouch because i will be using them for school but a case or pouch is not really needed.

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Originally Posted by alexanderbont View Post

please reply


From what I have owned or heard.


Brainwavz M2, for around $60. Bass heavy, well constructed IEM.(Comes with a case)

RE-262, I think currently they sell for $100. I bought them for $150. Mid Centric. My favorite till now. Needs an AMP. I don't think it will work directly out of IPOD or Iphone. However a Sansa Clip+ or Cowon players can drive them fairly well. Minimalistic design which gives a good fit. Bass light but extremely musical.(comes with a pouch)

Brainwavz R1 - Around $30. Dual dynamic driver. Bass heavy and sounds somewhat similar to M2. (Comes with a case)


Specify your source and type of sound you prefer for more recommendations.

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The JVC FXD80, Sony EX600, UE500, Vmoda Remix offers these accessories and they sound good.

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i listen to alot of hardstyle,trance,house and some pop so maybe some good bass would be good but not enough that it's muddy or overwhelming but i will look into your suggestions thank you guys for all the suggestions by the way really am thankful thank you guys

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+1 for EX600 and FXD80. Consider the FXT90 too.

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I listen to lots of trance, the likes of Aly&Fila, MORPH and other tracks with pounding beats.


I wish i could recommend you the Sony MDREX300, but unfortunately they are discontinued. If you can find it new somewhere for less than $50, it would be great.


But for now, the JV HAFX-101 are equally great for trance!

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Originally Posted by alexanderbont View Post

please reply

8 minutes between 1st and 2nd post???? Need to be patient and calm down a bit IMO!


Anyways, Shure SE215. Best under $100 IEM I've owned.

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I encourage you to seriously consider the Klipsch X10's. They're just awesome for EDM.

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You'll love the FXD80s for what you're listening to. They're perfect for electronic music and dance in general and pretty much unbeatable at its price point. Seriously, get these, don't get anything else.

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For the price, JVC HAFX1X (Xplode) are among the best IEM that I've heard.

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are ue 600 any good for bass music like hardstyle,trance and house

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There are some, but I think the FXD80 are the best.
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ok then I will look into that 

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Originally Posted by alexanderbont View Post

ok then I will look into that 


With those you won't regret ;)
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but the fxd80 are not avalible in australia so i am currently looking for alternatives

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