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Looking for Under $600 Over Ear Monitors

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I'm the manager of an artist that goes by AntiMatterAudio. Him and I are going to get the same pair of Monitors. He makes Dubstep,Chillstep...Electronic Music, so we need them to be closed style and something that will let us hear High and Low Frequencies. We love to hear it loud and bassy but hopefully without needing an amp to control them well.

I have been looking through the reviews etc.

Our budget is $600 for each pair or a total of $1200.

But I haven't necessarily found what I think were looking for. Plus since I'm responsible for find the correct Monitors I want to feel secure with the purchase.

Please give me feedback on what you guys and gals think will fit our needs.

Thanks for any help! 

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Denon AH-D2000 if you can find them or the AKG K550.  Both of which are on the warm side, but have plenty of upper end for monitoring.


The Audio Technica ATH-M50 is another great headphone for less than $200 if budget is a big concern.


Here are the charts for the frequency response on the above headphones:



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