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For Sale: Yuin PK-1 w/Extras

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For Sale:
Yuin PK-1 w/Extras

Will Ship To: CONUS



For sale is my Yuin PK-1.  These fantastic headphones are in mint physical and working condition and include all accessories as provided in the original retail sale (minus four used replacement foams which I of course did not include).  These have been babied and well cared for.  Included with the PK-1's are:


-  Original retail box

-  Manual

-  Four original "donut" foams

-  Heaphone jack adapter

-  Carrying Case  


However, with this sale is also included some additional accessories which allow a customized fit and can greatly improve the sound based upon your preference:


-  One new pack of Radio Shack larger foamies (Product code 33-376) which improve comfort, but more importantly bass and soundstage.  I often used these with a hole punched in the middle to allow the highs to also come cleanly through.

-  A Sennheiser headphone spare parts set (Product code 515622) which allows many extra fit options.  


All in all, you are ready to go with lots of use options with this set.  The package is for sale for $81 and Free shipping.  Shipping to CONUS only.  Paypal is A-OK.


Please let me know if you have any questions.  Feedback below as well as in the trader area.

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Are these the y-cable version?

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Originally Posted by filipelli View Post

Are these the y-cable version?

I don't recall that they have a j-cable version...but yes, these are a standard y-cable (equal cord length on both earpieces).

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I would love to buy these. Anyone in the US willing to buy them for me and ship them to me in Australia?

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