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Hi, Im just going off eBay really as another huge thread about the Z1060 said it was the best place to find them. You may be right though and I could be missing out on some good deals from the US...hmmm....although I dont see any z1060s from the US on the bay...

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Yeah its ********! they jut dont want us being inspired hehe ;)


They have already implemented this change in the EU amongst all main manufacturers

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Originally Posted by scuttle View Post


Alternatively you could exercise great cunning and reset the region to the USA or Japan: the players are pretty trusting that way and it has worked on every player I've had. Although I don't know if I would have bothered if I was driving standard iems instead of HD25 headphones: the limit is pretty sensible in terms of volume.


And a Sansa Clip+ is probably as good sonically as virtually anything - and a lot better than some Sony's driving typical IEMs because of a distorted frequency response:


..where flatter is better. Anyway, if you want great sound quality the place to put your money is in the IEMs or headphones rather than the player - those SE530's would be one reasonable bet, or HD25s if you want actual headphones that can live crammed into a messenger bag and provide decent isolation on the Tube.

Hi I hadnt really thought of that tbh! maybe I could just reset the region setting hmmm. With many of these players being Android-based though....maybe the controllers could even limit the volume remotely in the future....rendering all my research and saving useless :D


Anyways, Im really confused now about this IEM business! I thought IEMs involved recievers and were generally used by musicians and stuff...not mp3 users! It seems I havent done enough research after all :D

The senheiser IE9 headphones etc.....do they have the IE code because they are IEMs? 

Yeah im a confused noob :)


thanks for the info!

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