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Need help choosing an budget minded circumaural headphone.

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Hello head-fi community,


Recently my ancient speaker system broke and i have been using my Sennheiser PC310 gaming headset as substitute for my missing speakers, while i was never really a headphone man, mostly bought IEM's or just listened to my speakers at home.I feel the need to buy some good phone's cus when my speakers did work my family wasn't to pleased with me trying to learn how to play those darn drumpads^^. I play the piano and have an Akai MPK 49 keyboard on which i produce some beats, but that's very amateurish.. Anyway i have been using aforementioned headset and i really don't like the sound nor comfort factor of them (or lack off). I do have some other phones at home



-Senneiser HD 201's (these sound tinny to me and my ears dont fit in them)

-Sony mdr v150's (i know, i know...)


For my IEM's i have used the sammy bud's that come with my note 2 and my galaxy S2 but they broke very quickly and don't sound that great. Other IEM's i have are


-Some Skullcandy's with rasta colors, they died in a year and had a huge bumb in the lower end.

-Sennheiser CX 200 or 300 or both... don't know (had 2 pairs of senny IEM's)

-Then finally i have some Meelec R1's which i bought after some reading here, YAY! These are the IEM's i go to school with and although they sound very warm i really like them.


So now that you know what i have listened to and what i do(gaming is 50% Music listening is 45% and like 5% is my own music)

I want circumaural headphone's that are comfortable, are allowed to have a slight bass boost and do NOT have to be portable.

In the pc i build 7 month's ago i have an Asus Xonar DGX card and my music library mainly consists of 320kbs or flac files. I listen to pretty much every genre except for pop as i don't really call that music, especially today's pop... yuk!


Now i have been doing some research and i'm just not getting further, my budget is pretty limited as i'm trying to keep it under 60 Euro's. Here is a list of phone's i have considered.


-Sennheiser HD 439(got good reviews though maybe not popular on head-fi)

-AKG K240S (i'm really interested in these although were i live (holland) they are super expensive. Amazon however sells them for 60 bucks but DOESN'T ship here!!! arggh. If they did i would of gotten these and not even bothered posting.

-AKG k514 mkII ( these look like k240's but they are afordable here...diffrences other then color?)

-I could save up a bit more and get Sennheiser HD 518 but i don't know if i should do that.


other recommendation's are welcome and needed! 


I have looked at the Koss prodj100 and creative aurvana live but am not convinced yet and the above hp's look more intresting to me.


Buying used from a member at head-fi is oké with me aswell as buying from ebay.

You can also look on thomann.de or bax-shop.nl both sites i know and trust.


Sorry for the wall of text. =)

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Thomann.de has the AKG 514mkII's for 44 euro's http://www.thomann.de/nl/akg_k514_mkii_w.htm


Also on ebay i saw the k240's for 78 dollars which is about 57 euro's is it worth that price? tnx << don't mind that, it's shipping costs make it useless to me. =(

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Never mind all this, i decided i would try the Superlux HD-668B, and see how that goes. Should be pretty good.

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U should also try koss porta pro cause its THE budget option in my opinion if you can live with on-ears. u can order it on amazon and send it back if u dont like it


I used to have some skullcandy in-ears 6-7 years ago. they died after few weeks etysmile.gif

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