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Hi guys, long story short. I will be heading to Hong Kong for a day just to claim my 6200 dollar check for free! So I will have extra dollar to burn!

But my dilemma is that if I buy the earphones in Hong Kong, I will save thousand of taiwanese dollars! BTW, I'm currently studying in Taiwan for 3 years. The thing is, the limited edition in taiwan retailed $19900! in Hong Kong, it retailed $3900, which is 14,696 dollar NT. I would save 8667 NT dollar! The regular edition in taiwan retailed 15300! in hk, it retailed 3600, which is NT13565! So I would save NT9798! Here's the real dilemma, if I bought those earphones in HK, Taiwan Shure will not valid my warranty. If they got damaged, then my earphones will be as cold as lemon!


What I should i do, if I buy the regular edition here in taiwan, I pay 2 thousand more+. It's a thousand more than the limited edition in HONG KONG! But if I chose the limited edition here in TW, I will pay 5 thousand dollar MORE! So in actuality, I gain more value if I buy the limited edition in HK, since they cost so expensive here in TW!


Tell me what should I do. Unless if Taiwan shure will cover my warranty if i buy them in hong kong!


Thanks guys!

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