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So I searched and haven't found a thread about car audio. I was poking around and it is almost impossible to find a radio/receiver that supports FLAC. I mean what the hell is wrong with the car audio system companies?

There are only a few which are rare and super expensive. I almot gave up and decided to but something which I can hook a dac and connect the dac to my laptop. But that would be too troublesome to do everytime I get in the car.

I don't want to spend too much, I just wanted to be able to hook an hd to a car e have it play at least flac 16/44.1 kHz, I mean I am not even asking for 24/96.


Anyone know of a good car receiver that I can plug an HDD through the usb and that plays FLAC? I have a budget of $ 150 for the receiver. Damn it is hard being an audiophile and looking for a good car audio system that isnt extremely expensive.


I wish I could just take my laptop, and my portable DAC/AMP in the car plug my cans and drive, but that would be quite dangerous ;D


So if anyone know of a good budget solution to car audio systems please help!